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      Thursday, February 12, 2015

10:07 AM - 02/12/2015

The topic: Anyone watch Justified?


We watched the latest episode on Tuesday night. 

When the guy who was supposed to show Boyd and Duffy how he'd get into a vault and he met his end, Brian and I looked at one another and just bust out laughing.

Talk about pushing the envelope....


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08:36 AM - 02/12/2015

The topic: One thing about the procedure prep


Last October was that we didn't get to go see the advanced screening of John Wick. We wanted to go see it at a theater after that, but never made it. So, I was excited when it finally was available on Netflix. It got here Tuesday (we didn't watch it because we were at a movie theater watching McFarland, USA) and we watched it last night.

His wife dies, she has a puppy delivered to him, he takes the dog with him to get gas in his car, some Russians (notice how the bad guys are always Russians now?) compliment him on his car,  the guy who plays Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) in Game of Thrones wants to know how much he wants to sell it, Wick declines the offer. Later the bad Russians show up and beat the crap out of Wick, search for the car keys and kill the puppy when it keeps barking at them. 

So, Wick survives this very awful beating, takes a bus to a car chop shop, run by John Leguizamo, finds out who has his car and the hilarity ensues. Beatings. Shootings. Knifings. The rest of the movie. That was it. No plot. No story. Just lots and lots of violence. I slept through part of it.

Boy, am I glad we didn't get to see this at the theater. What a grand waste of time that would have been.

Thank you, MoviPrep


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