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      Monday, February 02, 2015

04:16 PM - 02/02/2015

The topic: Katie’s doing well


Her chin is getting bigger, but she's still eating, still affectionate and still happy. Saturday she was running through the house. This morning she came into bed with us, purring up a storm.

The vet asked about her and I told him how she's doing and he said her eating was a good sign. But when she quits, it will be time to say goodbye. Which we all know.

He did say to not worry about the metacam she's on, if I run out, I can get more. In healthy cats, metacam is not recommended because it's so hard on the kidneys, but she's gonna die anyway, might as well let her be comfortable.

She's outside now sleeping on the big pillow. I'm glad to see her feeling so well, all things considered.

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04:08 PM - 02/02/2015

The topic: And another trip to the vet this morning


This time it was for Richie. 

For the past few years, Richie's run a little hot. I mean physically hot. You touch his ears and it's like they're on fire. He spends more time outside when it's cool than he does indoors when the heat is on. He's as skinny as a rail. And his breathing is fast.

The past few weeks, he's gotten worse. Last week, he had three bloody noses. The first one I wasn't sure of, I just found the blood on the floor, didn't know if it had been him or Katie. Then I saw his nose bleeding on two different occasions. This past weekend, he wasn't eating, even tuna, and he was throwing up at night. Lots of foamy puke. And he was playing in the waterbowl, splashing water all over and licking it from his paws.

This morning, I was pretty concerned and I called the vet after they'd opened for the day. I was able to get an eleven o'clock appointment. When the vet came in he asked questions, I answered as well as asking him a few. Like maybe Richie has high blood pressure (I remember my mother and her nosebleeds). He checked him over and said that it was most likely his thyroid. And hyperthyroid could be the cause of all of the things that have been off with Richie. He took Richie's blood pressure and it was sky high, really not good. The vet said if it's thyroid, taking care of that should take care of the blood pressure. And Richie was taken into the back for a blood draw.

The vet called, the regular results (you know, kidney, etc) were good, all within normal range, but his thyroid test was too high to measure. So, Richie is on meds now, the same thing as DaNiece. I'm to bring him in for a recheck in three weeks. 

We'll be there.

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mrs. crankypants
04:00 PM - 02/02/2015

The topic: Paying for the procedure


Remember that procedure I had last October? The one that included preparation that had me not eating forever and crying over the smell of a pb&j sandwich?

Well, our illustrious insurance only paid twelve hundred dollars of a forty-five hundred dollar bill. I sent two different emails (I never got an auto response to the first one, so ten days later, filled out their form a second time).  I got a call last month, on Saturday, the 24th. The insurance rep told me that my doctor sent the claim in as medical. So, it went against our deductible. After dragging more information out of him, I sent an email to our doctor's billing department last week asking that they recode the claims as screenings, not medical. All of the colonoscopy billings (including the lab work to check the two polyps) as well as the two billings for a mole the doctor removed in December. That mole removal was $500! $250 for the doctor, $250 for the lab. I figure it was a screening, otherwise I'd still have the mole, you know?

Well, today, I got stuff from the insurance company. I don't have to pay the $2,900 and change for the rest of the colonoscopy. That's cool. Now, let's take care of the labs for that and the other screenings, too.

It's not like it's anything I wanted or asked for. The doctor ordered it.



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