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      Thursday, January 29, 2015

09:02 AM - 01/29/2015

The topic: Advanced screening: “Project Almanac”

If you're over sixteen, just pass on this movie.
It's starts slowly (I was checking my watch twenty minutes in). And it doesn't get much better after that. Well, the opening sequence showed promise, but it crashed and burned after that.
It's about a group of high school kids.  The filming perspective is like the Blair Witch Project. You're supposed to believe it was all done with a handheld camera, taken by the smart teen's teen sister. Shaky, out of focus, lots of too fast panning (which is familiar to anyone who's taken any kind of home video), headache inducing. The smart teen is searching for a project to send to MIT in hopes that they'll fully fund a scholarshop for him. His father (who died on his son's seventh birthday) was a scientist of sorts and the son is looking through his dad's old stuff, looking for something he can turn into a project. He finds a time machine.
And that's when the problems begin. Anyone who's watched or read any type of time machine fiction knows you don't change the past, because it messes up the future.
For this old woman, I give this movie a definite thumbs down. I won't watch it again. Ever. Unless I'm being punished in some weird sort of alternative universe.


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