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      Wednesday, January 28, 2015

04:21 PM - 01/28/2015

The topic: I made a card today


It was a box card. From start (picking out the paper) to finish (taking photos of the finished card) it took me over four hours.

But it looks awesome. 

Pictures won't go up until next week because I've got a lot of paperwork to catch up on before the first of next week (I need to get last year's sales tax figured out so I can remit to the great state of California - the deadline is Monday). 

If only I did my bank account reconciliations in a timely manner....but how long have I complained about my procrastination? I don't see it ending any time soon.


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09:12 AM - 01/28/2015

The topic: I made breakfast this morning


There were fried potatoes left from yesterday's breakfast, which Brian made. I like Jimmy Dean's turkey breakfast links, only breakfast sausage I'll eat (they aren't greasy and slick in my mouth). I'll take three of them, slice them up, cook them and add eggs and cheese for a scramble. This morning, I added in the potatoes before the eggs. Then I add cheese and when everything is done, I add more cheese to the top and put a lid on it so the cheese melts.

One of the most frustrating things about the aging process is my eyes. I need reading glasses for everything. Even when I eat, glasses help. I'm okay with the far sighted thing, but this near sighted thing really annoys me. We have reading glasses all over the house. Office, family room, kitchen, hanging on the wall in the hallway. This morning I had the kitchen glasses on and as the cooking progressed, I set the glasses somewhere and couldn't find them. I ended up getting a pair from the family room. Breakfast was ready, I called Brian to come eat.

He walks in to the kitchen, I'm dishing up food and I say "I don't know where I put the kitchen glasses, I just had them and I have no idea where I set them down". He said "you mean the pair on your head?"

Seriously? I took the ones off of my face and touched my head. Sure enough. There they were.

It really happens. I thought it was just an old people joke, a cliche.


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06:44 AM - 01/28/2015

The topic: Advanced screening: “Black or White”

We had the opportunity to see this last night. It was a last minute thing, I tried to get the passes last week after I saw the notice in my email, but I was too late (you have to jump on these things,  it had only been twenty minutes since I'd gotten the email). I did sign up to be notified if anymore became available and yesterday afternoon, I got the news. We were invited by the studio (Relativity). I asked Brian if he wanted to go and he said "sure", since he now considers these free screenings as one of our only forms of entertainment anymore. 
Chili for an early dinner, out the door at five. We got in line at 5:20 and there didn't seem to be that many people in front of us, but there is a group that has been doing this for years and they save places. So, by the time we were let in, the line in front of us had at least doubled (this annoys the hell out of me - it's one thing to save for your companion who has to fight traffic on the way over from work, but to save for a huge group of buddies? it ain't right). When we got in, our favorite seats were already taken so I picked the first available seats that had an open aisle seat (I hate having to climb over people when I have to potty). This was a fortunate circumstance last night as there was a radio station having giveaways and there were three winners in the audience. Just check under your seats for our sticker. I got up and checked under mine. Nothing. I checked under Brian's. We had a sticker! Won four day passes to the San Diego Zoo/Safari Park. We'll use two of them at the Zoo and two at the Safari Park (used to be the Wild Animal Park). We haven't been to either in decades. The crowd in front of us in line no longer bothered me. 
The movie was really, really good. Octavia Spencer as "Gramma Wewe", Kevin Costner as "Poppa Elliot Anderson" did an outstanding job. Spencer has some huge eyes and they should get an award of their own. Very expressive. The granddaughter, Eloise, was played by Jillian Estell and she's was just adorbs. I loved this kid. 
It starts out on a sad note, Poppa's wife was killed in a car accident. He's a lawyer and he takes time off to take care of his granddaughter and try to deal with the grief of the loss of his wife. Eloise's mother (Costner's daughter) had died in childbirth and Elliot and his wife took the baby and raised her. Now that his wife is gone, Rowena steps in and wants custody of Eloise since Elliot won't be able to properly take care of her. 
And with his drinking problem, it doesn't look good. 
The movie deals with racism, substance abuse and alcoholism. Uncomfortable topics, but there is a fair amount of humor to soften the heaviness.
I liked this movie. I liked it a lot. I recommend it.


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