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      Saturday, January 17, 2015

05:03 PM - 01/17/2015

The topic: Jackie is doing way better!


He's been in the top of the dog crate since he came home Monday. At first he had a tough time jumping up and down onto the shelf, but he's getting stronger and managing a lot better. He rarely hisses now (this is awesome) and around Wednesday, he started to relax more and his sleep looked way better. No doubt he's not sore like he was before he went in last Friday. 

He's eating about two cans of A/D each day and I also give him boiled chicken, his favorite. This morning I made scrambled eggs with a little cheese for breakfast and set aside a little for him. He ate that right now. I'm sure he misses begging by the table and licking the plates.

I was a little concerned that he was becoming depressed, so Thursday night, I opened the bathroom door so he could see out into the hallway and hear us and smell the house. And now the other cats can go into the bathroom and check him out, but not too many have. Katie kind of ran in, but she didn't hang around long. She runs when she sees me because I have the nasty medicine. And she's not getting as much as she should be, she's faster than me.

For the first time in weeks, today I heard Jackie calling. I think he's starting to want out of the crate. I had thought he was supposed to go in for his recheck yesterday, but was informed that wasn't so. Maybe today, but that didn't happen. I know he'll be okay in the crate for a little while longer, but I don't want him to be caged indefinitely.

He's more amenable to being petted, and like I said, he hardly hisses at all now. And he purrs. He likes having a hand flow down his back and if he's in a good position, he'll actually arch his back into it. 

He's a new kitty. 

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04:58 PM - 01/17/2015

The topic: Yanno that moment when you


Start digging through the pantry, on a shelf that you've not visited for a while, say years, and you try to move a box to see what's behind it and it's stuck? Because some old can of something or other blew up? Yeah, me neither.

Heh. I spent the better part of the late morning and afternoon getting rid of old jars of peaches and apricots, as well as cans of mandarin oranges. I checked the expiration date on the oranges. 2009. Yeah, I don't visit that part of the pantry very often. I got rid of quite a bit of stuff on that shelf and was able to see exactly what we have. It's a lot cleaner and neater. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. 

The can that exploded was apricots and the sticky was all brown and dark and gross, but it came up pretty easily when I let a wet cloth set on it for a few minutes. 

Now there are no cans on the second or third shelf. Just on the bottom, the shelf with the tomato sauce and paste and beans and soup and canned goods that get used on a fairly regular basis. I doubt will have any more explosions.

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