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      Saturday, January 03, 2015

12:21 PM - 01/03/2015

The topic: Spot had been having problems again


The blood was back in his urine. I spent $40 on meds at the vet last month, gave him the full course of them and he was okay. For about a week. I researched cystitus in cats because I vaguely remembered some places where a lot of these cases self resolve. And that antibiotics really don't always solve the problem. That a lot of times it's due to stress. 

I had planned on getting more meds, but I figured I'd see if it would resolve on it's own. I did give him some Xanax (the cats have their own prescription) and I waited it out. If there was any chance of blockage, he'd have been right back at the vet's office, but the surgery he had where he was restructured pretty much put an end to blockages. Well, he's better. Not nearly as much squatting around the house and I've not seen any pink urine in the sink in days.

That's a good thing. 

And I'll give him props. He's one of those cats who lets you know that he doesn't feel good. He talks more and spends more time close to us. Because he knows we can make him feel better.

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10:50 AM - 01/03/2015

The topic: So, my Christmas cards….


I made them from the SVGCuts.com kit Christmas Box Cards SVG Kit . I made three of each card. Me and glue. We still aren't the best of friends, but I do love my glitter. I even used my Sizzix Big Shot embosser. I've got more photos over in my photo gallery, if you're interested in seeing more detail.

Anyway, here are the cards! Clicking on a picture will take you to a bigger photo in my family album; clicking on that picture will open a larger photo.

The first thing I did was to find the paper I wanted for each.  This gave me a starting place. I did change some of the paper as I went along. I put the PDF file for each card in its own bag and put the paper behind that.

The finished cards:

Merry Christmas:









And some random photos of the process.

Drying glitter:


Trying to stay organized:

There are extras in the kit that allow one to make some modifications to the main files. In this case, I was able to have a church with a cross on the steeple:


Remember my post where I complained (again) about not watching the video first?  Well, on the Santa card above, he's supposed to be coming out of a chimney, not a plaid box. confused Which would make a great deal of sense. 

I used my embosser on the backdrop for the Trees card. I tried using it on the red foil cardstock I used on the ornaments, but it didn't work right and the white core of the cardstock broke through. This did not please me. I also didn't pay attention to the placement of the back stars on the Globe cards and I had to fudge a little on the envelopes. 

On the Santa cards, for the candy cane, I wrapped red holographic curling ribbon around the cane to give it some depth. 

On the sentiment areas, I stamped them with Christmas stamps I had (some pre-marriage, some bought just this year) and used embossing powder I made, well, I didn't really make it, I mixed clear embossing powder (bought for cheap on eBay) with Jacquard Pearl EX Pigment powder I'd gotten a few years back. I already had the heat thingy from before I was married. (I still have embossing powder from Long's Drug stores that sold out a long, long time ago...it's actually kind of fun to see all the stuff I bought way back when that I can still use today.)  It puts out a lot of hot air and my fingers got beyond toasty. 

A lot of the bling I got for cheap on eBay. It came from China, free shipping, so it's something you need to have on hand since shipping isn't really quick. But I was glad I had it. I used Chinese embellishments on the Santa bag, the Snowglobe and the Merry Christmas card (which I also made wrong, but I'm not going to get into that right now...one of these days I'll learn the lesson to watch the tutorial video with complete and undivided attention).

But all in all, I was pretty happy with them. I shared them on a forum I visit and was asked if I am selling them. Next year, I am. I just have to figure out pricing for them, because they're a lot of work, not something mass produced, for sure. rolleyes


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