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      Saturday, December 27, 2014

05:56 PM - 12/27/2014

The topic: The International Space Station is quite visible this week


Someone posted a link on Facebook earlier this week and I printed out the times in our area. It will have been visible for six nights, it started on Wednesday. Tonight, it was visible for six minutes. We went outside and watched it. It's just so cool to see something man made flying across the sky, so far up.

I said "Wolowitz has been on that" and Brian laughed.

With the space station out of our sight, I came back in and Brian left to get Mexican food for dinner.

Nothing on television tonight, not really. We'll probably watch Forever on On Demand, then hit Netflix for past episodes of Arrow. Every once in a while I'll go through Netflix offerings and add to my watchlist, things that I feel Brian would enjoy. And he is enjoying Arrow. It's one of those shows that I can sleep through, which I'll probably be doing tonight. My allergies are acting up, my right ear keeps trying to pop and I'm grinding my teeth from the pressure in my head. I'll most likely be taking a Benedryl after dinner.

I am glad we made it outside to watch the space station. It's gorgeous tonight. Clear, crisp, refreshing. 52° and it's just a little after six. Not often it gets that cold this early, but it really didn't warm up much today.

But that's okay! Because it's winter!


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10:48 AM - 12/27/2014

The topic: What went wrong


Hosting companies have certain safeguards in place to keep things running clean and smoothly. One of them used by companies that have Apache servers, is called "mod_security".

"When coding a dynamic website, sometimes users forget to write code to help prevent hacks by doing things such as validating input. Mod_security can help in some cases those users that run sites that don't have security checks in their code."

Well, one of the things that happens is the mod_security itself has problems. When I lost my weblog a year ago (overwrote the damned thing with nothing and I still haven't finished reformatting all the saved entries - I found an old saved database file on my computer that my weblog support was able to get back online, but it had no paragraph formatting). I couldn't put in the word "xanax". It booted me off of my own website. It took a couple of days for me to track down the exact problem and I had to contact my host to fix it. Xanax, levitra, viagra would kick me out. I couldn't submit an entry. (Oddly enough, cialis went through.)

Well, the same thing was happening with the entry I made yesterday. I copied and pasted the entire thing into Notepad on my computer, then started adding the paragraphs in one at a time and submitting. The submitting took until the very last paragraph. So, I put that one in one word at a time. The word that was getting me kicked out? "Having." Seriously. I changed that to "enjoying" and the entry took. I could use the word in the title, but not in any of the text areas. I went into my host's support and they've changed it so all the tickets from before are gone. I had nothing to reference with them. I explained what was happening to the best of my ablility and got a response that they would like to be able to replicate the problem. I gave them my login and password to this weblog and explained how to make a post. 

I went into my website control panels for lisaviolet.com and catcam.us (where I was always redirected when I was kicked out; I have no idea why I set it like that). And I checked out the latest visitors logs. And sure enough, support got kicked out. Since we had an idea where to look because of what happened last year (even though my support ticket was gone) it took no time at all to get it fixed. I can now post the word "having" as many times as I want!

I really think it's odd that that's a word that sends up red flags. I don't understand that one at all.


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