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      Friday, December 26, 2014

12:54 PM - 12/26/2014

The topic: Can I be having again?


Or will I never be having again? Will I be can hasing forever? It works! It works! I can be having again! Stupid Mod_Sec. 


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11:38 AM - 12/26/2014

The topic: Entries have been slow this month


The past month or so. I have reasons, really, I do! I started posting on a different internet store forum last month after some body went off on the company's support group. I'd had nothing but great support and this person was being really unreasonable about the whole situation. The thing is, the forum is a hoot. You're not censored for very much, although you get in trouble for personal attacks. But there aren't many of them at all. So far, I've not seen any religious postings (pro or con Christian) and there haven't been any types of political crap. Partison or non. Very refreshing. There is very little fighting and arguing and what there is, is handled (for the most part) with maturity and humor. The two are not mutually exclusive.

And one of the funnest methods of responding to posts is the posting of a funny GIF. I've actually been in a couple of arguments all played out with GIFs.

Anyway, I really got on this person's complaining and because of my involvement, I became noticed and somehow was voted the scapegoat for the month of December. Which meant anything that went wrong with anything could be blamed on me. My email has picked up this month and I've done my best to respond (laughingly) to the many things that were my fault. It's taken up a fair amount of my time and now I only have a week left.

They had a mystery box exchange and I put in for three. Kind of along the bags of crap from Woot. I filled the three boxes with brand new stuff I had here, but had no use for. I've gotten two back so far and my last one should be here on Tuesday.

I made the Christmas cards, which took some time.

Then I made cookies last weekend, threw out my back and ended up not doing anything for three days. Luckily, I'd boxed the cookies as I went along.  Brian had to buy cards to put the money in for the mailman and trashman (money in just an envelope sounds so tacky) since I wasn't in any shape to hand make them. Brian had to deliver the boxes of cookies to his mom and the vet's office.

Yesterday we spent at the movies We saw Interstellar in the morning, Mockingjay Pt 1 in the late afternoon. Due to family drama (all because of one person, I bet you can figure out who it was, the same person who has always been the major source of conflict since joining the family) on Thanksgiving week, we chose not to spend the day around people who make us very, very uncomfortable. Yesterday was a good day, except for the popcorn bellyache I had last night. First time we've had theater popcorn since September 2013. It will probably be a lot longer before we have theater popcorn again.

Today I'm doing house laundry. Brian left a little while ago, headed to Home Depot, then to meet an old friend for lunch, so I have a couple of hours to myself. Which doesn't happen very often, so I'm relishing this aloneness. For a little while, anyway.

Miss Elizabeth has started going outside during the day and laying in the sun. She navigates the cat door with no problem. We've taken to putting a folded up towel under her so she doesn't get the dampness from the ground. Last week, she was down by the pool, which is a concern. She's twenty-one years old and I'm sure has some muscle weakness in her back legs. Her falling into the pool isn't a thing we want to see happening and it's really tough to keep an eye on her. So, Brian put the gate up at the bottom of the steps this morning, the gate he originally put up to keep the Bud dog away from the pool. That should help ease the worry a lot.

I hope you're enjoying a great holiday!




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