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      Wednesday, December 03, 2014

06:29 PM - 12/03/2014

The topic: Been on hold with Covered California


For about forty-five minutes now. We have to choose a new plan because the HealthNet dropped the plan we currently have for 2015. I'm making sure that our doctor is on one of their plans and it doesn't look like he is. I call them up and nope, he's not in any of their plans. I do some research and there's only one insurance company that has him as a provider and that's Blue Shield. Well, that sure cuts down our options, so I find an affordable plan and get all the  way to the checkout page and they need my PIN. I don't know what my PIN is. That's why I'm on hold. It might be in the personal files for this year, but Lorelei is laying on it.

The on hold music is giving me a headache. Maybe I'll move the cat.


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07:16 AM - 12/03/2014

The topic: Hope your holiday weekend was a good one


Ours was okay.  Originally we were just going to hang out and maybe go see John Wick, but Brian's niece called Monday morning and suggested taking Brian's mom to dinner for Thanksgiving. At that late date, there wasn't anywhere to make dinner reservations, so we figured on HomeTown Buffet. Not my favorite place to eat, but it was about all that was available. Brian's older brother and wife came to town, it was a spur of the moment thing and we didn't know about it until Wednesday morning. We were supposed to pick Mama up, but instead her oldest son and wife did the duty. She was really surprised and overjoyed. They called when they were leaving and we jumped in our car and they followed us to the restaurant, where we met up with Brian's niece and nephew (the visiting brother's kids) and their SOs. It was a nice dinner, but I still don't have any love for that restaurant. Brian got a couple slices of turkey and shared them with me and one of them wasn't cooked. And he'd had to wait for the guy to slice them off the turkey. Yeah, not a big fan of HomeTown Buffet.

Afterwards, we headed over to Mama's house where we had a nice long conversation. Everybody was happy and laughing, it was how family get togethers should be. It was really nice. Brian visited over there a couple of times during the weekend, I stayed home and worked on my Christmas cards. I've got at least three more to do. Gosh, I love glitter! 

My bathroom floor was supposed to have been changed out, but it's okay. I'll just hate it for another month until Brian gets the time to fix it. And he didn't get my new storage cabinet put together, but that's okay, too. It won't take him long once he has the time. He's so darned busy right now.

We went to an advanced screening of Wild last night. It was a pretty good movie. It sure didn't glamorize the work of walking the Pacific Crest Trail (Brian's niece did this earlier this year and she wasn't able to finish, due to weather and fire damage up north). There weren't many people in the theater, which isn't normal, but this was a screening where you needed an AMC Stubs card, which is twelve bucks and is good for a year. And there was rain! It hit hard during evening drive time, so I'm thinking lots of people got home and thought "I'm not leaving". 

One of the things I've noticed during these advance screenings is laughter at inappropriate times. Like some of these people laugh at everything. Not giving a spoiler here, but there was a part in the movie where Cheryl had gotten some bad news, really, really bad news. She was in a bathroom stall and her mother asked if she was okay. She replied "yes" and she looked at herself in one of those seat cover containers that's metal and wiped the tears from her face. People laughed at that. It wasn't funny. It wasn't funny at all. The laughter was off putting and I wanted to ask these people "what the hell is wrong with you?" 

My paperwork is falling behind. I have to get our health insurance straightened out since HealthNet decided they weren't going to carry the plan we have through Covered California. They're changing the plan we have to one where the only doctors and stuff they'll carry is when it's on their network. If it's a doctor that isn't in their network (like some specialists) they won't cover any of those charges. Yeah, that's not going to work. Not that we need specialists, but you never know what life is going to throw your way, you know?

And that's about it. Not much exciting happening.


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