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      Wednesday, August 20, 2014

07:53 AM - 08/20/2014

The topic: We’ve (he’s) created a monster!


Miss Elizabeth gets fed in my bathroom. Miss Elizabeth has the raspiest meow I've ever heard. And it's LOUD.

Miss Elizabeth has decided she wants to eat between the hours of 1:00am and 10:00am.  She continues to do this because Brian gets up and feeds her when she starts to cry.  He closes the bathroom door behind him, leaving her in there with the bowl of food.  When the food he has prepared so early in the morning has been smooshed down by her nose, she will once again start to scream. He will get out of bed, go into the bathroom, reposition her food with his fingers, wash his fingers, then come back to bed. This is repeated multiple times a night. 

Fortunately, I've been able to block out her screams. When it was so unbearably warm and I wasn't sleeping well, I would wake up and take care of her.

She's been spending more time in the bathroom than on the bed.

Now, remember, I made dinner last night IN THE OVEN! It was a chicken dumpling casserole, made with bisquick and other stuff. And chicken. I boiled chicken breasts and reserved the leftover stock and mixed the cats' dinner last night with the stock instead of water. They loved it (lots of loose stool this morning...). And so did Miss E. I poured what was left of the stock into a jar and it's in the frig to be mixed with her food. 

And she ate well last night and actually came back to bed at one point after being fed in the wee hours of the morning (because sometimes I hear her crying, get out of bed, open the bathroom door to see her just laying on the counter. I cover the food and leave the door open) she came back to bed. When we woke up this morning, she was between us. 

She's an old lady. She was six months old when Lisa was born, so we figure October or November 1993. And she's going strong. Her back legs are a little weak, she gets fluids twice a week to help her kidneys function. She has bad teeth, but because of her kidneys, dentals are a tough call. I think she's going a little deaf as well as a little senile, but that's okay, we'll deal with it.  So, she's getting soft food and we love the heck out of her. 

I just wish she wouldn't scream. There's nothing wrong with OUR hearing.

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07:47 AM - 08/20/2014

The topic: Woohoo!


The hot streak is over! Yesterday was actually nice enough I made dinner and COOKED IT IN THE OVEN! Nice!

And now I'll be more likely to hang in the office and get caught up with stuff here. Yay!

We might have some rain and thunderstorms today, that would be nice. We badly need the rain. We had a small amount of precipitation earlier this month, but it was tropical and monsoonal and all it did was raise the humidity. Right now we're getting cooler air from the north mixing with the warmer air from down Mexico way, which makes the atmosphere unstable, which could bring nice rain, not monsoonal rain.

I'm ready, I'm really really ready.

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