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      Thursday, August 07, 2014

06:36 PM - 08/07/2014

The topic: The people behind us have a little dog


And like many little dogs, this little dog is a yappy thing. Cute as a button.

This little dog will yap when he hears anything on our side of the fence by the pool. He'll yap if he sees a cat sitting on top of the pool pump. There's chain link at the end of the fence by our next door neighbor's property and he can see up into their yard between our fence and the garage. And he yaps at what he sees.

I heard one of his owner's shouting at him to be quiet. And I told Brian 'I know that little dog's name. It's Scooter."  Let it be known that I think that's a perfect name for a little adorable yappy dog. Scooter.

So, I start talking to Scooter, now that I know his name. And Scooter yaps at me. And I tell him what a good boy he is.

Last week, he was yapping at the neighbor and one of his owners came outside to tell him to be quiet. And he yelled out "Peter, be quiet!"

Peter? That's his name? Peter? moonA Tell me it ain't so! 

I come inside and tell Brian. He said "no, his name is 'Scooter' and that's what we'll call him."

I wonder if the neighbors behind us think we have a new pet named Scooter.

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03:14 PM - 08/07/2014

The topic: Well, one big project done


I think I might start making some Christmas cards. SVGCuts has some amazing designs for the holiday season and I've got a bunch of Christmas paper in my stash.

Yeah, I think I might start making some Christmas cards in the coming weeks. I'm actually getting excited about it.

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02:34 PM - 08/07/2014

The topic: Do you ever get in weird moods


Where you can't really define exactly what's wrong or how to fix it? 

Monday I was in the worst mood. I think it was because of those Disney meet videos I was putting up. I'd been pressuring myself to get it done for a while now, it's just been hanging over my head since last November when I figured it would be a great idea to upload them to a domain I'd had forever and had a place I could run it that wouldn't cost me any more money (it's an addon at lvdesigns) and once I get started on something like this, I won't relax until I'm done.

We had the movie to go to, we were running late, and I was back in here correcting coding until we were walking out the door. I was more concerned about that than the movie. 

And I started to feel sorry for myself. I hate it when I do that. Watching the videos started me feeling melancholy, nostalgic and sad for all the fun we used to have back at the beginning, hell, even just a few years ago. We'd have our meals together, we'd go on rides as this big group both days we were there. For some reason, that started changing the past few years. 

We decided back in September of 2012 that we'd do two more. That would give us fifteen years of meets and I'd be sixty. But working with these videos, I started to question that (not hard, but it was there). Seeing the video from the last couple of meets, though,  there's no question that bringing these to a close was a good thing. For the past two years, there was only one day when we were a group at the parks all day, into the evening. It was no longer a "meet", it was more like a family reunion (and family reunions do not happen every year). *lol*  We're getting older, we're getting tired and it's just too much. Age, health problems, the economy, life circumstances, all change over time. I love all of my Disney peeps and there's a strong chance I'll never see some of them again.

Looking back over the past year, I think we can do day trips throughout the year nicely. No pressure. We just let folks know we'll be there and if anyone can make it, fine. If not, fine. No pressure.

In July of last year I got this deal thing from a local television thing where we can get three nights at a hotel for $79.00. I paid the $49 when I bought the voucher. It's good until December of this year. I contacted the website to see if I can get a refund. Because chances are slim that we'd ever make it up there for one night, let alone three. Can't afford the sitter and Brian's just too darned busy.  

I got the last completed video sections uploaded this morning and it was as if this huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Sure, I'll probably be the only one to ever visit it, but it was on my "to do" list and now it's done.

And that weird mood has passed.

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