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      Monday, August 04, 2014

08:15 AM - 08/04/2014

The topic: I’ve been busy


I finally started working on getting those Disney meet videos up on a private website. I ended up using shadowbox-js after trying four or five other programs.  This one allows me to have "galleries", which is just a list, but I can have links to all the individual parts of all of the movies on one page and when you click on any of the links, it brings up that gallery. If you start in the middle, it brings up the middle episode. 

What's time consuming for me, where I'm doing the work (not the waiting for the sections to be converted from AVI to MOV)  is getting the table formatted properly and the links working. I ended up using Microsoft Word to do the table and am using winmerge to find the differences in the Word document and copy those over to my actual page that is up on the internet. I tried doing the links (which have special characters in them because of the shadowbox call) and they were all screwed up. I'm having to insert them each manually.

I'd previously copied all of the disks that I've made onto my hard drive and they're all mostly just one file. And that needs to be split. Another round of testing various programs (I've collected so many over the years and I have no recollection of what many of them do) and I ended up using my AVS4YOU remaker software. Does a great job as long as you pay attention during the split. The splits aren't right on between chapters because of the transitions I'd done on the movie. I tried redoing the ones I did yesterday (there were twenty splits in one video - some of these movies are long, those meets where I was taking lots of video and others were taking lots of photos) and I still wasn't real happy with it, but unless I started over from scratch, it's never going to be perfect and truth be told, I don't think anyone watching will really care all that much. The perfection thing is on me. 

After they're split I have to convert them to something that most people will have so I went with Quicktime format (MOV). Of course, the original was saved as AVI (it gets complicated) so they all need to be converted. And, once again, I'm going with AVS4YOU software, their converter (if you do any of this stuff on a fairly regular basis, check out their website; they have trial versions and if you like the software you can buy a lifetime license that includes everything they offer (including lifetime upgrades)  for $59.00.  That's a great deal. 

So, volume 5 just finished converting, time to get back to work. I need to upload the video to my server and I need to get the links into the index table.  I have three more volumes of meets to do (2010, 2011 and 2012). Then I'll probably start to work on the final meet video from last year. I'm actually kind of sad watching the past years and realizing that the annual meets are over. Just a little meloncholy.

But it is fun to see how much we've changed through the years.

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