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      Thursday, July 10, 2014

12:00 PM - 07/10/2014

The topic: While Brian finished my laundry room last Saturday


I started getting the stuff organized for my next crafting project. As I did this, my mind started to wander off into the distance.

And it wandered to searching for something on the internet and I couldn't find anything that was exactly what I was searching for so I started to wonder if I could make my own. 

I went through all of my beading stuff, found some sterling silver tubes, an earring finding and some Swarovski AB 3mm beads. I used scissors to cut the tubes to size and look what I made! It only took about three or four hours!

A tiny windchime!


Is it any wonder I have such a difficult time finishing projects? 

Oh, look! Shiny!

maple manor   

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10:33 AM - 07/10/2014

The topic: Advanced screening “The Purge: Anarchy”


DON'T GO SEE IT! Don't even rent it when it comes out on Netflix or Redbox or Amazon. When you see it listed in your premium channels, just keep looking. shade_smile

Okay, okay, if you like blood and gore and killing and maiming and guns and mayhem and bad guys in masks, you'll probably love this one.

I didn't. 

We hadn't gotten an advanced screening invite for a couple of weeks and when this one showed up, Brian said to go for it. After all, he'd seen some of the previews and his interest was piqued. Mine was not. At all. Not even a teeny tiny bit. But, we got the passes.

The movie was to start at 7:30 and the theater was full by 7:00 (they overbook these things to make sure the theater is full).  They started the movie at 7:15, which was nice of them. 

At the first scene where I jumped in my seat, we were maybe five or ten minutes into the movie. I actually started thinking if Brian would be okay with me going out and sitting in the car until it was over. The anticipation of the beginning of the purge wasn't fun and the purge wasn't fun. I even started thinking about people I know who'd participate in something like this. Not a pleasant place for the mind to go, to even imagine you might know someone that crazy. wasntme

No thank you very much.

When it was over, Brian was the first one out of his seat. Seriously. He didn't like it one little bit, either.

Too disturbing for my taste.

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09:50 AM - 07/10/2014

The topic: So, it’s been over a week now


And I'm adjusting. Although I've never been one to be in mourning for long, maybe it's because of my upbringing, moving every two to three years, not just across town, but from one side of the country to the other. I'm used to moving on. 

I do miss the kitties, but there's definitely an upside. One of them is our population no longer numbers in the thirties. I know that twenty-eight is a lot, but it's not thirty. And we're down ten from our high of thirty-eight (if you count Kitty Meeze, and I do).

Opening up that area in the garage seems to have made huge strides in inappropriate pooping. I haven't found any on the floor in the laundry room in days - Georgie used to go in theree and so did Miss Elizabeth. But now there's lots of room in the garage box area and the boxes themselves are easier to get to; the shorter ones are more accessible to an old cat with arthritis in her back legs. Even Jackie is in the boxes and not in front of them. This is all good.

I like not having cats on the counter. Yeah, they get up there, but the Scaat things that spray compressed air help a lot. I like not having to be careful when I put pots and pans and big things in the dish drainer because of the worry that Georgie might have a hard time getting by them and slipping and falling onto the floor.  I like not having to clean different areas of poop off of the kitchen floor and laundry room floor. I like not having major pools of urine on my bathroom floor. I hate that floor anyway, the urine sure didn't make me feel better about it.

You're no longer worried that someone might get hurt doing this or that.

I know it's lemonade out of lemons. If I'd have had the opportunity to choose life as it was vs life as it is, I'd stay with as it was. But that's not my call. 

The sadness is passing quickly. And that's a good thing. 

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08:18 AM - 07/10/2014

The topic: Great price on 13 x 19 Canon printer


Over on Amazon. It's a  Canon Pixma Pro-100. $179.99 after a $200.00 rebate from Canon. 

Seriously, I'd love to add this to my printer collection, but I have no room.

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