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      Friday, July 04, 2014

03:20 PM - 07/04/2014

The topic: The paper has been chosen!


I had to play with the settings for the patterned paper I was printing out to make sure the pattern didn't get lost in the embossing stage. 

Of course, I asked for Brian's input and he always has some sort of idea of how it could look better, and then I have to explain the limitations of what I'm working with and I'm not sure he always understands the problem. And on such a minute scale, no one is going to even notice. Seriously, I think if I said "well, I can print out individual boards, cut them out and glue them onto the base individually" he'd be all for it.  Each board being about a quarter of an inch. I didn't even bring that up as an option. cussing

After I had that all figured out, I took the paper and the 12" x 12" photo of what I'll be making out to the garage and started looking through my paper stacks for the other parts that need to be cut out and I'm pretty happy with what I picked out. Then there are the fun embellishments I got. I have an idea for a surprise embellishment, but I want to get everything cut out first, then see if the idea is even feasible. And if it is, I'll run it by Brian to see what he thinks. I think he'll love the idea as much as I do.

Tomorrow morning will be the cutting, then putting it together. I'm going to check out SVGCuts YouTube channel and bookmark the tutorial for this kit and watch it on the television while I muddle through the assembly. (Roku now has the YouTube channel.)'

Hopefully, Brian will be finished with the laundry room (he left over an hour ago to see if his brother had some wood he needs, even though he still has to get stuff at Home Depot...that was over an hour ago) and I can shut the house up and turn on the A/C.  It's pretty warm here today. 

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10:42 AM - 07/04/2014

The topic: And I’ll be busy, too…


While Brian does my laundry room, I'll be doing a little crafting this weekend. I find it relaxing and because it's a complicated project, I'll be keeping my mind on that. (Breakfast was kind of hard this morning, we had  Kirkland Belgian waffles (toaster) with fried eggs. When I make eggs, the yolks are always kind of runny. I've made breakfast since we lost Georgie, but this morning, it hit both of us. Georgie wasn't there to clean our plates. He loved egg yolk. To look over Brian's shoulder to the counter and not see Georgie hanging off the edge, waiting, well, damned waterworks.)

I've had this project in mind for a while and I don't want to jinx it by posting exactly what it is. But looking at the instruction sheet, I need eleven sheets of the same color. I don't have eleven sheets of any color I'd want for this, so I'm printing them up myself. Which brings me to this question.

Do the people who craft have an idea what paper they'll be using when they make these kits? I know that Mary from SVGCuts mentions the paper she uses in the kits in her instructional videos. But when crafters show off their completed kits on the SVGCuts facebook page, there's never been one that looks exactly like the one that Mary made. I have all of these kit instructions printed out and I open them up and see what I need and it's like there's some sort of wall between the page and the kit concept in my mind. It's as if my mind just empties of any type of intelligent thought. I stand there staring at that paper with my mouth dropped open and a little tiny river of drool running down one side of my chin. I've got lots of paper. I can print up my own paper (which I usually end up doing since I installed the continuous ink system last year), but not everybody can do that. So, how do they decide what paper to use?

I think I'm one of those people who has a hard time with too many choices. My mind just shuts down and I end up playing Candy Crush Saga or watching NCIS reruns. I envy the people who know what they want. *lol*

Anyway, I'm printing out the base papers for this kit. Both sides the same color. I'll have to check my inkpad stash for a matching color because there are lots of scored pieces (and for this, I'm not using my hand scorer, I'll let the machine do it - the problem there is you'll see the white base of the paper, which is why I need to find some inkpad or, hey, I've got a few of those felt markers, or colored pencils, maybe something there will work...see, this is what I mean about choices...the mind, it boggles). Once I get the paper figured out, it should be smooth sailing. 

For me, the paper choice is the hardest.  If only I had the same talent for envisioning something that Brian does...I envy that.

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10:20 AM - 07/04/2014

The topic: Busy weekend ahead


Brian is going to finish my laundry room! Yay! 

The dryer wasn't vented properly, it needs to vent from the side and it's been hooked up from the back and it sticks out from the wall into the laundry room. The instructions are a cluster f*ck, as they say in the armed services. "Take the door off", "remove the back panel"....stuff that he couldn't do in the laundry room because there's not enough room to do all of this. So, he took it back to his shop and he did NONE of what the instructions called for. He said it was really simple to do.  And he's going to change the door to open in the opposite direction, which will make loading it a lot easier since the washer is on the right. 

Because I lost my drawers (not undie drawers!) when we got rid of the old washer and dryer, Brian thought that buying a cupboard would be a good thing for my storage. It will go almost to the ceiling and hang on the wall. Under that will be a small table with a solid back (Brian will make this) that will block the dryer vent and the gas hookup (which we don't use) from getting litter and other litter related waste materials spattered on them. I have a step stool in the laundry room already so the higher levels shouldn't be a problem. I'll keep my laundry supplies and cleaning towels in there. It should really neaten up the laundry room.

Yay! I can hardly wait!

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