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      Thursday, July 03, 2014

01:17 PM - 07/03/2014

The topic: Right now


I could eat all of the chocolate pudding in the world.

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09:14 AM - 07/03/2014

The topic: Moving on…


Last night was tough in the kitchen. Georgie was usually on the counters during food service and clean up. His job was to lick the plates and he did a really good job of it.

I saw flies on the screens and it brought back memories of our premier fly killer. Captain. He'd lay in the window and watch a fly, then catch it and eat it. He was really good at it.

Georgie and Gracie had the sweetest way of greeting you. You'd put your face up to their's and they'd gently sniff your forehead and nose. Barely touching. None of the other cats do that. 

It's the little things that bring on the waterworks. Remembering the sweet things they did that make the throat swell.

Captain would lay on the sofa and if another cat got in his space, he's swing at them. We used to call him "Slappy Cappy".  

Gracie would talk. Gracie talked all the way to the vet's on Tuesday. It hurt. It hurt bad. 

With time, these memories will bring smiles. About two hours from now. That would be nice. I don't like to cry, not this deep stuff. Meh.

I cleaned up the litterbox area yesterday, now there's a lot more room. I pushed the condos against one another and Brian wasn't too sure of that, but so far, the cats are using them, so I think they'll stay right where they are.

Right now we're in a state of flux with the cats. I know they know what's happened, they probably were aware of it before we were. (Sagwa spent the past weekend next to Gracie on the blankets; the next day, he didn't go into the garage at all - he was keeping watch; this isn't the first time the cats have done this.) Now the relationships will be redefined.

Monday night Rocky gave me a scare. He was acting really weird and kept going into the kitchen and trying to get into the cupboards. Tuesday morning, I couldn't find him anywhere. I was up at four and outside looking for him, but I was 99% sure he'd been in the house when I blocked all of the cat doors. That 1% of doubt, though, that kept me awake. I called and called and he finally came out of one of the kitchen cupboards. They all ended up blocked so kitties couldn't get in. But why was he doing this? Why was he hiding?

He went outside at one point and was in one of the cat houses most of the day. When it was time to get the cats in, he ran out of the house, then stopped and stopped short and started crying. Then he limped into the house. I was able to find him and he spent the night in the bathroom where I could keep an eye on him. I don't know what he'd done to his left back leg, but he was putting weight on it so I was pretty sure he hadn't somehow broken it. Yesterday morning he was walking fine, putting weight on it with no problem.

I let him out of the bathroom and he spent the day in the garage behind the storage cabinets. I checked on him throughout the day and gave him treats. (Cats are SO treat oriented!) He ate them all. He didn't come out at dinner, not that I saw, but this morning I let the cats out around 4:00 (spent the night on the sofa, it's much cooler in there than the bedroom and the couple of times I did try to go to bed, my side of the bed was covered in cats and Brian was fast asleep so moving the cats wasn't an option; Brian's been pretty stressed, too, it's been really hard on him). When I opened up the house at 5:30 Rocky was outside. I petted him and watched him walk and it was normal. Right now he's back in the garage in his spot. I don't know what was going on with him, but it seems to have passed. It's possible that Gracie might have had a seizure and that scared him or maybe there was some predator sniffing around the vent that's next to where he sleeps. This vent is at the front of the house, low to the ground.  It has heavy metal louvres (that are fixed) and no full grown cat could get through if they tried and under those is a welded screen type grate, nothing a cat or coyote could bite or claw through.  But there's a good airflow and I'm sure critters sniff around it.

Anyway, Rocky is okay.

I have some videos I took of Georgie and Captain last week and you'll be able to see why I was dragging my feet on saying goodbye. But they're good videos that will always remind me of how much they filled our lives.

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