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      Friday, June 27, 2014

12:30 PM - 06/27/2014

The topic: When taking videos last night


I had a little pleasant surprise. Sammy, who is a sibling of Richie, Opie, Autumn and DaNiece, spends most of his time on the futon in the living room. He doesn't mix too often with the other cats. And I've never seen Joey show any kind of interest in the other cats. Sometimes he'll be sleeping in the living room with his sister, Phoebe and sometimes Monica, but other than that, he keeps to himself.

This was last night. It made me smile on a sad day.


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09:42 AM - 06/27/2014

The topic: We’re back from the vet.


And so is Captain.

He'd gained a couple of ounces from yesterday, because he ate or because of fluid, we're not sure. But his lungs are looking better than they did ten days ago.

The thing is that there is something growing in his lungs, so it's just a matter of time, maybe not much. It's no life to have so much pressure in your lungs that you can't breathe, then you get put in a box, taken for a ride and have a needle shoved into your chest. It takes its toll.

So, at least we have the weekend.

We'll take it.

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07:59 AM - 06/27/2014

The topic: Advance screening movie venues


I wonder who chooses these. The one last night for Begin Again was a bad bad idea and I'll be interested to see if they use it again. The reason?

Downtown San Diego with no street parking. Well, wait, there's street parking,  but there's a two hour limit on that. With these advanced screenings, you're supposed to be there an hour early. So, we show up at six, movie starts at seven, takes two hours, we're out of there in a little over three hours. At a parking lot you'd pay for four hours. Because they round up.

So, we're talking four hours of parking. The lot where Brian pulled into charged ten bucks an hour. 

Forty dollars to park? For a free movie? Pay for parking when we don't even pay for food at the theater and we bring our own water? Now I understood why there were only ten or fifteen people in the line next to the theater. At the other places we've gone, there's always at least fifty or so already there an hour before the movie starts, usually many more.

We'll pass, thank you, very much.

We came home. Which was okay because I got to spend time watching Captain.

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07:51 AM - 06/27/2014

The topic: Cappy


I don't know what to think. He's doing SO much better this morning. 

When I brought him home yesterday, he hid from me. He didn't want me touching him. He just looked horrible. But as the evening wore on, he quit hiding and didn't mind being petted. And he ate. 

This morning, he was sleeping in the window and even played with my fingers a little. He purred. He got up and ate kibble. A while later I saw him on the patio, eating the kibble I toss out in the morning (I fail to understand why the cats seem to prefer the exact same kibble that fills the feeders when it's tossed out onto the patio). 

Then? He was loving on his blankie. I' m sure many of you have known a kitty who grabs up a piece of cloth in his mouth, starts to knead and purr and do some sort of nasty dance with it. Well, Captain is doing that this morning. He's done it twice that I know of. He hasn't done that in weeks. I'm taking videos of him. I've had to change the camera batteries twice since yesterday afternoon.

So, he's feeling much better. Will today be the day? Watching him right now, I can't see it happening. 

Like Brian said, his time won't be long with us, but maybe it won't be today. 

I sure hope not.

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