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      Thursday, June 26, 2014

03:23 PM - 06/26/2014

The topic: We’ll probably be saying goodbye to Captain tomorrow


Concerned about his breathing, I called this morning and made an appointment for this afternoon. I just got back from the vet's office. 

Xrays were taken and she couldn't see anything. She drew fluid out of his lungs, which she showed me. Pink. Very, very pink. It looked like strawberry Quik.  And there was a lot. She had weighed him before the fluid draw and again after. She pulled off over a half of a pound. She told me she'd never gotten this much fluid from a cat who wasn't blue (no oxygen, I guess).

We made an appointment for tomorrow morning and if he's gotten really bad overnight, we'll be saying goodbye. 

She said what may have happened is with the lungs opening up with the fluid being reabsorbed after the Rutin, that it's quite possible the suspected cancer or tumor said "wow, look at all of this room I have to grow".  And it grew.

I really wish I was optimistic about his chances, but I'm not. Stuff just doesn't work that way.

I'm going to go take his picture now. I'll take a bunch. And I think I'm going to cry.

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09:47 AM - 06/26/2014

The topic: I just have to share….


Last Saturday I did eight loads of laundry (unheard of with the old machines). Two of those were a redo of the first one. Six throw rugs (four of them runner style) was too much, so I rewashed them, three each load. It surprises me that the dryer is so important in this since it gets a lot of fluff and debris out that doesn't come out in the wash - lots of dust in the lint catcher.

Anyway, within the last few months, there have been a few posts on FaceBook about do it yourself (DIY) laundry detergent. And curious, I finally made one of them. This one has no grating at all.

The laundry came out much softer than with my previous detergent. And this is pretty easy to make and extremely cost effective. 

Homemade laundry soap with Dawn

I give this a bunch of paws up. 

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09:19 AM - 06/26/2014

The topic: Did you ever go to the old Woot! website?


Before it was sold to Amazon? It was so much more fun then. Okay, I got my Kindle when Amazon bought it, I think it was the first offering as an Amazon company.  A Kindle 2 (I don't think they have them with the little keyboard anymore and I know the new eReaders don't use the Whisper technology, which doesn't use Wi-Fi, but 3G). They'd dropped the price twenty bucks for this sale. 

And they did have a lot of stuff that wasn't available previously. But.

The Woot! offs sucked. The Bags of Crap took a dump. They weren't fun, they were generic and when compared, everybody pretty much got the same thing. I quit watching the Woot! offs. I actually quit going to the website to see what they had. I didn't care. I have liked their page on FaceBook and that's when I got my last BoC. I was the first one in line and I have to say, someone did some research, because I got some things I'd posted about wanting in past Woot offs, like the battery operated fly swatter (and mosquito swatter). I find it very relaxing to grab the swatter in the morning and go through the house and end the miserable existence of mosquitoes and flies, the ones that are hanging out against the screens. 

Anyway, I guess there's a Woot! off going on now and there was an entry on FB about the BoC. And I was checking out some of the comments and one of them mentioned that the previous owner, the man who started the original Woot! website, is doing it again. This time the website is http://www.meh.com. It hasn't gone live yet, but there was a kickstarter page, you know, where you help fund startups and ideas? And there were various options for donations. Five of them were sold out, but no problem, I didn't need a personal or commercial day on Woot! I just wanted that BoC (now known as a Fukubukuru). So, I joined Kickstarter, donated ten bucks and I'm getting one! They're all gone now, but I'm pretty jazzed about the idea of a new deal of the day website. 

And I wonder why I'm not getting my paperwork done...oh, look, something shiny!

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09:17 AM - 06/26/2014

The topic: I’m behind in paperwork again


Just damn. I try so hard to keep up, then I slack off for one day. Then it's two days. And here I am, a week and a half behind. It will probably take a couple of hours to catch up, so why don't I do it?


I guess I should. Finish printing one of the instruction sheets Brian sends with his shipments, then take a shower, get my butt back in here and catch up with my paperwork. 


And I was doing such a good job....

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