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      Saturday, June 14, 2014

09:03 AM - 06/14/2014

The topic: For this weekend….


I'm going to make this  for my vet's office. Isn't it sweet?

I love how all of the various kits used to make this are listed. I printed out the list and compared it to the kits I had, checked off the materials needed and ordered the stuff I didn't have from Amazon (really? they have acrylic sheets I can cut with my Silhouette? cool!).

I was a little confused in the kit listing for the BASIC SHAPES LIBRARY. I searched all of my files and didn't see where I had this. Then I searched the SVGCuts website and didn't find them. I was getting kind of frustrated. Then it dawned on me.

It's a setting on the Silhouette, all I have to do is choose the shape and make it the size needed. There's nothing special about cutting out a rectangle or circle. Der.

I've got everything I need, now all I need to do is choose the paper I need. For some reason, that takes me forever. Comparing this against that....

I'm excited!

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08:51 AM - 06/14/2014

The topic: Opie update


Remember Opie's dental being the start of my weekly visits to the vet's office?  And all of Opie's teeth were pulled because of stomatitis (his immune system was attacking his teeth)? And how he had such a hard time recuperating and how he wouldn't let me medicate him to help him out?

Well, he's doing great. He's back in bed with us, he's putting on weight and he's playing again! Something he hadn't done in a long, long time, because of the chronic pain in his mouth. He mostly slept. 

Yesterday I watched fly across the lawn and up onto the top of the swing and he's running through the house this morning like a kitten.

Yeah, he's doing a lot better.

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07:08 AM - 06/14/2014

The topic: I haven’t mentioned Captain in a while


So here's a little update.

He's still on the Rutin (probably will be for a long, long time, if he ever gets off of it). He's been on it for three weeks now.

Last night I timed his breaths per minute.



It's dropping! The last time I wrote about it it was between thirty-five and forty-three. 

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07:03 AM - 06/14/2014

The topic: You know how sometimes you only remember pieces of dreams?


From last night, I remember my bestie Jolene singing all the words to the opening song from Orange is the New Black  (Netflix). 

I was amazed because I had no idea she watched the show. 

I was highly annoyed because I really don't like that song. It got old really quick and I now  mute the opening credits of the show.

As I looked at her singing, both of these emotions were visible. 

The irritated look stayed.

Dreams are funny things.

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