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      Wednesday, June 11, 2014

07:33 PM - 06/11/2014

The topic: When I had Mario at the vet’s last week


I was putting him back in the carrier and talking to him. The vet tech started laughing and told me she'd never heard a cat called by that name.

I'd called him "Martian". Which is long for "Mars".  Which is short for "Mario".  And Martian is easier to say than Mario.  Two syllables versus three. 

And he is my little Martian.

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07:01 PM - 06/11/2014

The topic: Breakthrough with Rocky


There was the entry this morning about Rocky cruising the yard well after the household was up and running for the day. After I posted about him down by the pool, I came inside to grab the camera. Alas, he'd moved on by the time I got back outside. And he wasn't in the house. He'd gone (Twilight Zone music here) invisible. As cats are known to do.

Anyway, an hour or so later I went out to look for him and saw him coming out of the cathouse on the bank. He sat in the ferns below and looked so adorable I had to run in the house to grab the camera. And by the time I was back outside, you guessed it. He was (cue TZ music) invisible again. Or was he?

click for bigger photo


AHA! The mystery is solved! He's not invisible, he's in a fernhole!


Well, that video doesn't show a lot, but if you go full screen and look really close, you can see his whiskers. But here's a better look at his highness....
click for a bigger photo

If you click on the photos, you'll be taken to my photo album. And when you click on the photo there, you'll get the full sized image.  Check out the bottom photo in full sized. Awesome looking cat. Absolutely beautiful blue eyes.

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11:40 AM - 06/11/2014

The topic: A day of firsts


Two of them.

When I woke up, I was facing the outside of the bed. Mario was next to my face, which isn't new. But there was a cat snugged up against my back. I asked Brian who it was. I couldn't tell from feeling the fur. 

It was Charlie. This was the first time he's slept at the top of the bed, even against one of us.

Then just a few minutes ago, I heard scratching at one of the screen doors. This is usually Lorelei. I got up to check and it was Rocky in the living room. He wanted to go outside. I got up, went out the office door the patio and opened the door for him. He jetted out, to the left in front of the office. Then he rushed to under the tractor. Then it was down by the pool, where he took residence in the wooden thing we used to have out front to protect the food from the weather.  It has a floor, a roof and a back, that's it. A little shelter. 

I have to go look up into the sky to see if there are any flying pigs.

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08:46 AM - 06/11/2014

The topic: Just heard a cat fight


At the back of the yard, behind Brian's shop. Brian goes to the left, I go to the right to see who's fighting. 

No one. I see Pancho at the top of the fence, hanging from the top, looking over.  Brian saw Spot on top of the stuff that's stacked against the fence at the side of the shop, looking over the fence. (Remember, our fence has been modified so it's really hard for a cat inside to go outside, unless there's something the cat can climb and jump over, like a tree or a tractor.)

The cat fight wasn't in our yard. But we had a couple of interested observers. I asked Pancho what was going on and he told me. I didn't understand a meow he said, but I pretended I was interested. I learned how to do that when Brian started explaining things to me about the hydraulics he works on.

These guys are so funny.

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