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      Friday, June 06, 2014

10:23 AM - 06/06/2014

The topic: So, yay, I don’t need to go anywhere today!


After the movies and shopping and the vet, the rest of the week is clear.

Or so I thought yesterday.

Wednesday, Mario threw up a furball. Common at this time of the year, they'll go out into the backyard, nom on some grass and bring up some fur that's been ingested during grooming. Happens all the time. 

Yesterday, Mario starts to hack. I figure maybe his throat is sore from the hairball removal process. Another common event. He did it all through the day. Then I did something I shouldn't have done.

I googled his symptom. Just the one. The hacking. I shouldn't have done this.

This morning, he seemed bright and cheerful. I heard no hacking, no coughing. Cool, he's getting better. He slept for an hour or so and when he woke up, the hacking ensued. And it got (to my ears, anyway) progressively worse. Remembering my foray into finding an answer as to why my cat is hacking, I called the vet and made an appointment for this afternoon. No problem, I'm sure he'll be alright.

"After all", I said to myself  "it doesn't bother him when he's sleeping, so I'm sure he'll be okay". 

He laid in his box to take a nap. It took him forever (it seemed) to lay down. And he was only down for five minutes when he stood back up and started hacking again.

I called the vet. "Can you get me in sooner?"

Yeah, at 9:40.  Ten minutes! I said "I'll get dressed".

Which meant get into jeans and sandals and slip a bra on. Forget combing the hair, it's in a bun, it will be okay.

Then I made the second mistake of the day. I brought the carrier to the cat. He ran.

This cat is not in imminent danger of passing away. Not if you go by the evasive actions he took. I finally got him, got him into the carrier and into the car. And off we went.

The vet couldn't get him to cough. She took an X-ray and he looked "beautiful".  There's nothing wrong with him. 

She did send home something soothing for his throat. She said he might like it, he might not. If he doesn't, don't make him take it.

It cost me $160.00 to find out I didn't need to leave the house today. But I know that Mario is okay.

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