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      Tuesday, May 27, 2014

05:41 PM - 05/27/2014

The topic: We all have those days


Where you're busy all day long, but get nothing done. Lots of little things that need doing, but don't count towards that "to do" list in your head. 

The paint finally dried in the laundry room last night and Brian wheeled the washer and dryer in. After much discussion about "what do they mean by that?" in the installation instructions, the washer was finally ready to be used.  I did my first load this morning. Underwear. I was so happy, it's been years since I've done any laundry. Well, not really, I washed the sofa and loveseat covers last week, but for someone who's doing at least one load every other day, four days seems like forever. 

Anyway, the machine was going and I was back here in the office. Brian was supposed to head up to Ontario today to pick up some hydraulics so he was in the shower. I went into the laundry room to check on the progress of the washer and had a surprise when I saw all of this water on the patio from under the kitchen window. That's not a good sign. I walked into the laundry room and found another not so good sign. All the water that drained into the outlet that runs into the house pipes and out to the street, didn't. The pipes are clogged somewhere and that water all shot back out of the water outlet. Swell. Just swell. The floor was covered in about a half inch of water. I went into the bathroom and told Brian there was a problem, got out my newest POS FloorMate (it sucks up water nicely, but puts nothing out for cleaning) and ran it and filled the used water tank four times. 

I told Brian what I thought it was, he ran his auger and got through a couple of clogged areas, but there's still more. He only got thirty feet in (the cable is fifty feet) and he couldn't get any farther. We'll need to call in professionals to unclog this mess. But for now, the cap is off of the drain outside, so we'll just let it drain onto the lawn for now. It's not like the lawn can't use it (and we just got our latest water bill today, $350 for two months, not happy at all...the lawn is very dry, Brian was watering every other day it seemed like and I was dreading the water bill).

Then there was the dryer. It needed a little more work. It still needs a little more work, but Brian got it to run while I was at the vet's office. The dryer is a four wire appliance and the outlet is a three prong outlet. Which is a pretty common thing now. Back in 1999, the gummint proclaimed that all future electric dryers shall be manufactured with an additional wire for grounding. Problem is that the majority of the homes and apartments that would be buying these new appliances, aren't wired for them. So, there are legal workarounds. Lowe's had done some of the work with the green wire to the grounding wire, but all illustrations I could find and all videos we watched, the wires on the cable weren't just stripped, they were in connectors. Brian had none on hand that were big enough to do this, so he went to the auto parts place down the street to get them.

Then there was the trip to the vet which really wasn't a waste of time, but it did take time out of the day. Out of the middle of the day, so I didn't get anything started before and I didn't do squat after. Because that's just how I roll.

Brian was washing the truck when I got home. And he never made it to Ontario, after all the piddly little things this morning, it just got too late to make the trip.

We did make it to Del Taco for dinner (taco Tuesday, three cheapo tacos for $1.09) and CostCo (eggs and graham crackers, out of there for less than thirteen dollars, that has to be some sort of record).  On the way home we stopped at Wendy's and got chocolate frosties for later on tonight.

At CostCo when Brian was getting the eggs, he opened up the cartons and checked for broken eggs. I saw him take a broken egg out of a carton, take an unbroken egg out of another carton, and put it in the first carton and putting the cracked egg into the other carton, replacing the unbroken egg. I asked him what he was doing and he said "that's what that guy did" referring to the fella that was in front of him. We usually get two things of eggs, three dozen in all. He was looking through other cartons for a full set and he said "this sucks" because he couldn't find one without at least one broken egg. And I said, in a very serious, I mean business voice  "you know what sucks? What really sucks? My vacuum cleaner, that's what sucks" and the guy next to us just bust out laughing. We both looked at him and he said "sorry" and Brian responded to him "don't egg her on.."

It was just one of those days.

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02:22 PM - 05/27/2014

The topic: Here’s a short video


Of Rachel, a kitty I hardly ever write about, but one you can see on a daily basis on the catcam chair. She's really a sweet kitty.


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mrs. crankypants
12:57 PM - 05/27/2014

The topic: What a coincidence


Someone trying to click through to that pharmacy website told me my link wasn't working. I checked. It's not my link, it's their website.

Aw, too bad, so sad. Look at all that new business they're not getting.


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12:17 PM - 05/27/2014

The topic: Captain update - to the vet


I called this morning and was able to get an appointment for 11:20. 

Grabbed the bottle of Rutin I got at Sprout's last Friday to show the vet. We got in, Captain got weighed, he's lost two pounds since last Monday. The vet explained that his body burns a lot of calories when it tries to breathe (cardio exercise of the worst kind).  She took him in the back and took an x-ray and drained fluid off of his lungs.  There wasn't even half as much as she drew last week and the consistency was way better, this stuff was thin, more fluidy. She said that's a good sign.

We did have a nice discussion about the pharmacy and wondered why they seem to be having problems. I told her that their website said they serviced over 15,000 clinics last year and maybe that's the problem. They don't have enough employees to keep up with their clients and their customer service is poorly affected. All I know is I do NOT wantt to send them any more of my money.

Oh, and the prescription was there. The phone call yesterday that said it would be there tomorrow, was wrong.

But that's good news about Captain.  Good news is always welcomed. And I'm really glad that I was proactive and checked around on the Rutin, I think it's really going to help him. 

Like the doc said "one week at a time".

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