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      Sunday, May 25, 2014

12:26 PM - 05/25/2014

The topic: My new washer and dryer got here yesterday


Awesome price. Got them from Lowe's online. The brick and mortar store had them for $609.00 (washer) and  $709.00 (dryer). 

Online, they were on sale for the same price. $539.00. After using promotional codes found online, we paid $494 and change for each one. And shipping was free. And they took our old washer and dryer away.

This weekend is full of mudding and sanding and priming. Then I get to paint the laundry room, the same color as my bathroom, a really fun sky blue. 

I just measured the washer. The top, the part that I open and put the laundry in, is thirty-nine inches high. The tub is twenty-five inches deep. Fourteen inches from the floor.

My sternum is about thirty-nine inches from the floor. From the palm of my hand to my armpit is nineteen inches.

See the problem?

I won't be able to stand on the floor and get the laundry from the bottom of the tub. I'll have to use a stool.


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mrs. crankypants
11:09 AM - 05/25/2014

The topic: Oh, yeah, and in case


Roadrunner Pharmacy checks their stat tracker to see where they're getting their online traffic from, this is for you, Summer.

You're a twat.

It's about my cat, not about your bottom line. And from the reviews I've read about your company, I'm not alone in how much I loathe you at this point.

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10:07 AM - 05/25/2014

The topic: I’m back….little Anal Annie here….


Yeah, I know I can be like a dog with a bone on occasion. And Captain's breathing is just such an occasion. What can I say?

As I mentioned, I'm taking little videos and using my editing software to cut them down to a sixty seconds and counting the times his side rises and falls. The last one I took last night was at 6:30 and I got 39 breaths. 

I took video this morning at 8:30 and again at 9:00. I figured the 9:00 would be a better representative because we've been up and the household is to its normal activity level. Things are a little hectic when we first wake up with feedings and opening up the house and all that good stuff.

So, a cat's normal respiratory rate (from what I've read) is thirty breaths a minute. It should be less at a resting rate. On the video I took at 9:00, his rate was thirty-five breaths a minute. Not bad. I hope this means he's not getting worse. He's only had two days of the Rutin at this point and my vet's told me in the past that for antibiotics (which is not what Rutin is, I'm just using this as an example) will take up to three days before you see improvement. 

He still has the problem, I'm not saying he's still not a very, very sick kitty. But I'm looking for any silver lining I can. Grasping at straws, if you want to look at it that way. Trying to keep my optimism. Hoping against hope that we have him a lot longer than six more months. 

He's eating well, he loves his W/D. I got up at 2:30 this morning and checked on him, he was awake and walking around, so I sat with him while he ate out of the bowl I've got his food in. And he ate again first thing when we got up this morning. I have to sit with him, otherwise the vultures will appear. They're like zombies looking at fresh brains. He has finally gotten it that he doesn't have to run off, he can keep eating since I'll keep them away from him.

Other than the fast respiratory rate, you wouldn't know he has a problem. 

And Roadrunner Pharmacy still sucks.

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