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      Thursday, May 22, 2014

09:13 AM - 05/22/2014

The topic: I took some video of Captain


So you can see his breathing problem. Just in case you're curious. I know I'd probably start checking out my cats' breathing. But it's something that you'll know is wrong when you see it. And it doesn't get much better when he's asleep. 


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07:54 AM - 05/22/2014

The topic: The vet’s office gave me a nice sized sample


Of food for Captain. He likes the dry, is meh about the wet.

I also got a copy of his medical records in case we have to take him to emergency this weekend to have fluid drawn out of his chest.

The records are interesting. His bloodwork is excellent. The testing of the fluids found nothing malignant in the fluid. 

But since the underlying cause of the fluid isn't heart related, it's being attibuted to lymphoma. If we can just get his chest clear, he should be okay for a while longer.

The fluid consists of fats from the small intestine (at least, that's the take I get on it). There are lots of articles on this, here's one: https://www.acvs.org/small-animal/chylothorax

Captain should be on a low fat diet and the Rutin is supposed to be a big help. The vet told me yesterday we should know by the end of the first course of  treatment (three weeks) if it's being successful.

I hope it gets here soon. The vet said they'd have it sent to their office because it will get there more quickly. The pharmacy called me yesterday, took the payment information and then told me it would be shipped to my vet's office within three business days. Crap. We have a three day weekend! So, it won't get here until next Tuesday? When time is of the essence?

Not happy. I want to get on top of this right now! Not next week.


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07:20 AM - 05/22/2014

The topic: Just when you’re seeing a nice little cushion in the bank account


I'm talking company account here, a cushion so that he can get the materials he needs to make the products he's sold without scrambling to see if we've got the funds (he really doesn't make a lot of money on these, right now he's going for volume, but as his rep increases, he will increase his price accordingly - and we still have the house payment, insurance payments and his liability insurance is crazy, utility payments, food, cat food, vet bills, etc, so things get thin at times).

So, he needs to get more of the main part of his product and calls and finds out how much it's going to cost to get. $2500.00.  Not a problem, it's covered. Yay! A nice feeling to know that the money is there.

Yesterday afternoon his cell phone rings. I hear his side of ths conversation. He hangs up.

Seems one of his main suppliers had mistakenly put someone else's credit card number on our account (how does this happen? Maybe our account profile was open when she entered someone else's credit card number?  I dunno, I do know it wasn't done on our end). So what Brian ordered was being paid for with this other guy's credit card! They found this out when the card was declined. Brian's salesman told accounting that "his card is never declined" and they did the research. We use the company debit card to pay for this stuff so we don't rack up any more credit card debt. It's better that way than having an open account. If you can't afford it, you don't get it.

They sent copies of all invoices and we matched them up with the invoices he's gotten (I never see them). His invoices have the charge slips attached, but we never pay any attention to the numbers on them. They just get deducted from the bank account and filed. Close to $3,000.00.  They have to refund the other card, obviously. And Brian said something about sixty days old. At least that's what the salesman told him. Uh, no, I say, looking at the invoices. The oldest one here is from April 25. Not sixty days. Not thirty days. 

So, we've got the money to pay for it (what I thought was a cushion). Which is nice.

But what a letdown. Ya think "oh, yay! we're finally getting ahead" and you find out it was only because of someone's accounting error.


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