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      Tuesday, May 20, 2014

05:15 PM - 05/20/2014

The topic: A short video I took this afternoon



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01:35 PM - 05/20/2014

The topic: The news isn’t good for Captain.


It's cancer. There isn't any sign of heart disease and cancer is the other thing that would cause this type of fluid.

The vet wants him on a low fat diet; I'll be picking up his food at the vet's and they're also getting a med compounded.

Conservative estimate for his remaining time is six months.


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09:08 AM - 05/20/2014

The topic: Opie is doing way better


The past two nights he's been back in bed with us and climbing up to our faces along with his brother, Richie. 

And he's been spotted eating kibble. Yes, dry kibble. He's spending more time walking through the house, he's much more obvious than he was pre-surgery. I would guess that his pain level has greatly subsided from the past months/years. 

There's no more drooling and he's once again grooming himself.

It's all good.

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06:48 AM - 05/20/2014

The topic: Fast way to get out of bed


You know when you wake up and you stretch? Just laying there, all nice and comfy, give out a huge yawn, stretch your arms out, stretch your legs out, feet all pointy?

Then one of the feet cramps, all the way up to mid-calf and you can't get out of bed fast enough to stand on that foot and loosen it up?

Yeah, that happened to me this morning. 

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