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      Monday, May 19, 2014

01:46 PM - 05/19/2014

The topic: Back from the vet with Captain


Well, they were able to draw about 40cc of fluid from his lungs. It was a milky color. The vet said she was hoping that this is indicative of an infection, like pus. And thinking back on the cats who had fluid in the lungs in the past, all of them had blood in the fluid.

The results should be back in within two to three days.

For the time being, Cappy is on Doxycycline (damn, this stuff is spendy!).

He had two Xrays with a followup after the fluids were drawn. 

It was over five hundred dollars today (two xrays - the followup was free, complete blood panel - since he's never had one and she said it would be good to have one on hand, sending the fluid out to be tested at an offsite lab, the meds). But like I told Brian, we've gone for quite a while with no big vet bills (last one was Spotty and from the beginning of that summer until after his surgery, it was close to five thousand just for him - he kept blocking all summer long, spent days and days at the vet's office and when all avenues had been exhausted, he was finally cleared to have his penis removed and his genital area resectioned so that the crystals he kept getting would no longer put his life at risk). And I knocked on wood. Because we've been very fortunate that the cats have been relatively healthy these past few years. Yes, we've lost a few, but that's part of the aging process. 

But I think once this month is over, I won't miss it very much.

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12:14 PM - 05/19/2014

The topic: Captain is at the vet’s


Saturday he was breathing hard. He's done this in the past and it goes away in a day or so. 

This morning, it hadn't gone away.

I took him in. Xrays were taken, there's someone wrong in one of his lungs. Cancer or infection? I left him there so they can do a draw of the fluid and find out what it is.

Prayers it's just an infection. 

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