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      Saturday, May 17, 2014

12:43 PM - 05/17/2014

The topic: Reformatting the blog


Remember that problem I had at the end of last year, beginning of this year where I lost the majority of my entries, but was able to get them back, albeit unformatted?

I just got finished with 2012. Now I just have 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003 left. 

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09:40 AM - 05/17/2014

The topic: My washing machine is on it’s way to biting the big schnitzel


Yep, its days are numbered.

The SUD problem of the year ought six (do a search here for "washing machine") is starting up again and it's becoming noisier and noisier as I use it. And the house shakes when it spins. Nice, huh?

We have to turn up the television and shout at one another to be heard over the sounds it puts out. Sadly, having it repaired is just not cost effective. As much as that would be, I can get a brand new machine. Not a front loader, though. We looked at Lowe's the other day and there were a couple that I really liked. We've got to figure out the financing, though and try to get the best deal we can.

(I'm trying to type and Rachel has decided she needs attention RIGHT NOW and she's licking me and shoving her head into me.)

I thought I fixed it the other day, when it was empty I shook the tub. The worst rattle wasn't happening any longer, I knew this because I didn't hear it running in the office. But I found out later that's because it wasn't spinning very quickly. 

I'll probably have a new one in a couple of weeks. 

I hate spending the money, but we need a washer. And a dryer. 

It will be nice to not shout when doing laundry.

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09:29 AM - 05/17/2014

The topic: Horrible, heebie jeebie morning..


There are ants EVERYwhere! In the office, in the kitchen!  In the kitchen TWICE!!!! 

I hate ants, I hate them hate them hate them.....

It's hot, they're dry, they want sweet (all over the syrup bottle, but not in it). Up the wall into the cupboard. I found them crawling up the wall early today and before I had a chance to follow their trail to find out their entry, Brian had started wiping them off the walls. It took a little detective work, but I found them making their way under the laundry room door. 

I sprayed some of that eco-friendly ant spray that smells like cloves (a smell I normally love, but I ain't lovin' it this ayem) and thought I'd stopped the progress.

Imagine my dismay to find even more on the counter and walls just a little bit ago.

I dropped more than one eff bomb. I dropped quite a few, as a matter of fact.

I hate ants. As long as they stay outside and they're not big fat red ants, I'll let them be. But if they're in my house, it's on.

I quickly dispatched the ants in the office, but in the kitchen, man, they're bad. They're very bad. I'm very skeeved out....

Ants. Shudder.

A little while later....

Brian walks into the kitchen and I hear "what the ....  F*CKING ANTS! They're all over!"  I go back into the kitchen...yep. They're back. He started wiping down the counters.  "I just wanted to take my pills. Rat bastards."

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