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      Thursday, May 15, 2014

10:02 AM - 05/15/2014

The topic: Cats today


Pancho is doing much better, he's eating and I'm no longer worried about him. He has a 10:20 recheck appointment this morning. I'd love to blow it off (it's gonna be a hot one), but I may as well get it over with.

Opie still hates me, but he loves his tuna. I found that out earlier this week. He was behind the loveseat and I opened a can of tuna. I'm not a fan of fish for cats, it's really not the best thing to feed them, but as a bribe food, it's most excellent. I sat on the floor and had the can next to my legs. This way I could keep the vultures away and he could eat in peace. And eat he did. He was so happy, he did the purr/nom thing. He did have a little bit of a difficult time, mostly when the food was on the left side of his mouth, but I talked him through it, stroking him when he was in trouble. 

Once I saw that he could eat the tuna, I quit pureeing the dinner meal. I watched him eat last night and it's looking like he's adjusting well.

This morning he had absolutely no problem at all.

This is all good.

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09:54 AM - 05/15/2014

The topic: Not spending much time in the office


It's miserable hot here, today is supposed to be 104°.  The office is the hottest room in the house, so we try to not be in here a lot during the heat because it affects the rest of the house. You know, monitors, lights (because the blinds are closed), etc.

We had passes to go see A Million Ways to Die in the West last night, I made steak and chicken fajitas for an early dinner and we headed out the door around 5:30 for a 7:30 showing and we noticed a huge plume of black smoke rising not that far from our house. I kept watch on it as we drove down Winter Gardens where we'd get on I-8 west which would take us to the theater.  We'd only gone a couple of miles when Brian got off the freeway going west and got back on it going east. We were going home. That smoke just looked a little too close for comfort.

There were two fires, one that's on the road we take to the local WalMart (we were just there last weekend, picking up food for the cats). That WalMart had lost power last night. The other was on the other side of one of the hills we walk. 

We were safe, but like Brian said, if we'd continued on to the movie, we wouldn't have enjoyed it because we'd have been worried about the fires.

I took some photos with my phone, but I have to get them downloaded. I'll post them here later.

For the time being, we're safe.

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