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      Sunday, May 11, 2014

11:23 AM - 05/11/2014

The topic: A couple of short updates


I finally saw Pancho eat a piece of kibble. I did look at his tongue again and it looks like there's a chunk missing. I've been watching him try to eat kibble since last week and he's had a real hard time of it, pushing the kibble with his mouth, but unable to pick it up with his tongue. I was happy to see him eating this morning.

Opie isn't hiding as much and he doesn't run from me everytime he sees me. But he still runs. He's not crying when he eats now and this morning he actually jumped up onto the bathroom counter to eat some un-pureed canned cat food. He was okay until some got stuck at the back of his mouth. But he didn't cry out in pain, he just jumped down and walked off.

I do think the pureed canned food at night is a big help for him.

And that's all for now. I'm finally beginning to relax after all the stress of last week. And all it took was for two kitties to start eating again.


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