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      Thursday, May 08, 2014

11:52 AM - 05/08/2014

The topic: And an update on Mario


As you may remember, Mario came to live with us on July 5, 2012. He's never really fit in, having been an only, outdoor cat for much of his life. His companion was a small dog. Well, as much as some people would like to believe, small dogs are not cats.

It was a big transition for him. The cats weren't as receptive to swats on their tails or ambushes from above like his dog companion was.  They took it as a threat, some worse that others. And reacted accordingly. Sagwa was one of the worst offenders. I remember one vet trip due to a fight between the two of them.  Lots of growling and hissing.

It would appear that the introduction of Rocky has lessened the pressure on Mario. Which is a good thing. A very good thing. Relaxed cats are happy cats.

And here's a video I took this morning of a very happy Mario.


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10:02 AM - 05/08/2014

The topic: Today’s Rocky update


He's slowly getting used to the hours here. The past couple of nights he's come in by himself. I have started putting a container of cat litter in front of the baby gate because he can't move it. When a big trashcan is in front of it, unless it's loaded, he has no problem getting out. 

And when I open the sliding door in the living room at four, Rocky is quite ready for me to move the litter and gate and open the cat door so he can head on out. When I get up at six or six-thirty, he's back up in his basket. I think he's realized that he won't be inside forever, that he will get the opportunity again.

Brian told me that this morning when he was dishing up food for George and Miss Elizabeth, that Rocky wanted some petting.  Brian complied. He told me that Rocky rolled over on his back, but Brian was reluctant about rubbing the belly. Brian stopped petting Rocky and took the can of food over the the dishing up area and Rocky jumped down and followed him. He rubbed Brian's legs as he was working! This is a first. Brian picked him up and gave him some more smurgles, then set him down on a table in the garage and Rocky just sat there and watched him.

Yay! Considering he's not even been here for four weeks, he's making great progress.


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08:39 AM - 05/08/2014

The topic: Busy day ahead


I've been trying to work on my MIL's Mother's Day card since the latest kit was released from SVGCuts.  A set of box cards. These things are so cool! They fold flat so they're easily placed into an envelope (and Mary always includes a template for an envelope with her card sets).

I printed out the pdf that has pictures and instructions of each card and picked two that I liked for my MIL (I really like the hot air balloons and castle cards, but not for MIL). I showed the flowers and the strawberry patch pictures to Brian and he liked both of them, but said the strawberry patch would be more to her liking.

Last year I made the flower pot card and she still has it up on display.  

I've chosen the paper and yesterday I updated my Silhouette software and got the svg files loaded and ready to cut. Then it will be fun with glue!  Last year I kept putting it off until the last minute and Brian's ready to walk out the door and I'm still pulling extra glue off of paper. Not this year. Huh uh.

I also took a little video this morning of the cats, I'll get started on that right now and uploaded to YouTube. I should have that all done in an hour or so, as long as my AADD doesn't kick in (squirrel!).

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07:55 AM - 05/08/2014

The topic: With everything that went on yesterday


I couldn't find Jackie. Anywhere. I beat the weeds around the pool, checked under the sofa and loveseat and futon. I looked behind furniture. I looked up on the bank, I looked in the old dog house on the bank.

No Jackie.

I knew he'd been around fairly recently because there was poop by the litterbox in the garage that was definitely Jackie poop. 

I looked for forty-five minutes. I asked Katie over and over where was her husband? She just looked at me and meowed.

He's never done this before, but anxiety hadn't kicked in (or maybe that Xanax I mentioned in one of yesterday's entries, had).

I take a deep breath and settle down. He has to be somewhere. This I know.

Well, after I'd calmed down and moved on, I looked outside and who's head pops out of the door of the cathouse under the lime tree?

Jackie. He's found a new spot. 

I'm cool with that. As long as I know where it is.

Now, if I only could find Opie's latest spot.

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