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      Tuesday, May 06, 2014

05:02 PM - 05/06/2014

The topic: Opie’s home


The vet called shortly after three and told me I could come get him. I guess Opes was gassed in the carrier.

He has no teeth. There were some that had broken off above the gum and the vet had to go in and get all of the roots and remaining tooth below the gumline. I guess it wasn't a lot of fun.

Anyway, I went down and settled up the bill ($571.00 *koff*) and brought him home. (Although I do get a free revisit in ten days for a recheck.)

Around his mouth was all bloody and there's blood on the towel that was in the carrier. When I got home, I set the carrier on the floor and opened it. He ran out and I haven't seen him since.

I've looked in all of his hiding spots in the house, so I'm thinking he must be outside.

I'll go look for him outside shortly.

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10:33 AM - 05/06/2014

The topic: Kitty at the vet day


I said something to Brian this past weekend about Opie's mouth, that he really needed to have work done.  I needed to order supplies (fluids, needles, etc) and he said go ahead and make an appointment for Opie. I called and spoke with one of the techs (our petsitter!) and she made an appointment for this morning with the option to leave him there for dental surgery. 

It took some coercion on my part to get him into my arms and into the crate to go there, he wasn't keen on the ride over (the last time he was there was when he was neutered as a kitten) and definitely not keen on the examining room. He weighed in at a little over eleven pounds. I held him for a while, he was very anxious and I ended up putting him back in the carrier.

When the vet came in I opened the carrier and Opie jetted out made a beeline for the open door behind the vet. The vet quickly closed that door, I closed the one out into the waiting area and Opie tried climbing walls. The vet told us to all just stand back and let Opie settle down. I was able to get Opes and I held him on the table as the vet examined him. The poor tech just stood there. Opie did calm down a bit and the vet was able to finish the exam.

He thinks the scratched bloody area above Opie's ears is an allergy thing and it may have something to do with the immune system. Since Opie also has stomatitis (Opie's gonna be losing a lot of teeth today, if not all of them) which is an immune problem (all the kittens from this litter have had similar problems - Richie had all of his teeth pulled last year), the vet is hoping that a steroid shot will help the itching.

He asked if I minded putting Opie back into the carrier instead of them putting him in a kennel. This would be better for both Opie and the vet. If Opie isn't calm enough, they'll be able to cover the carrier and anesthesize him that way.

Poor little guy, I know he's terrified, but he'll feel so much better when he's fully recuperated from this. 

Keep him in your thoughts? Please?

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