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      Monday, February 17, 2014

11:17 AM - 02/17/2014

The topic: “Dear Abby”


Since I no longer receive the local newspaper (over a hundred dollars for a daily subscription and the paper just keeps getting thinner and thinner) I read the columnists online. At ArcaMax.com.

Well, this morning's Dear Abby had a letter in it that made me laugh. The last one, the one from the man who'd been married thirty-three years and found a pair of panties of his wife's that had "Booty Call" written on the butt. He's concerned. 

Now, if I had a pair of undies like that (and we've been married twenty-eight years), you can bet one of my female friends gave it to me as a joke gift. And the reason it was still in my drawer was because, even though I'd never, ever wear something like that, I'd feel guilty throwing it away.

Then I got to thinking about the whole booty call thing.

And I came to the conclusion that my booty has its own area code.

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11:06 AM - 02/17/2014

The topic: I had some days to myself last week


Because Brian went to the Ag Show in Tulare. He's gone there the past five or so years. He goes to take pictures of tractors and take measurements so he knows what size of his hydraulic links the tractors will accommodate. He left on Tuesday, coming home Friday. 

I kind of like it because I rarely have any "me" time since he wisely got out of the place he'd been renting and moved his shop home. (That saved us over $1300 a month and business had gotten so slow the building was pretty much just used for storage.) But he's home all the time. 24/7. He doesn't ever go up to the property. He stopped doing that so much shortly after I got that bad cat bite a few years ago (thanks, Charlie).

Well, last year he came home early because he was sick. This year he came home early because a lot of the tractor companies didn't have any tractors on display. He had all the information he could get by Wednesday afternoon. Too late in the day to check out and save some money, so he went visiting, then he came home Thursday. He was home a little after noon.

He asked if I'd done some stuff to his computer I'd planned on doing. 

Nope. You came home too early.

Ah, well.....

He probably won't go at all next year. Waste of time and money.

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10:55 AM - 02/17/2014

The topic: We’re going to an advanced screening


Of the new movie Pompeii this week. I think we get to see it in some sort of 3D. I love advanced screenings, they're free. Free is good. We got to go to a bunch through the beginning of January, then the station changed it's entry form. One of the new fill ins is "Age". Well, funny thing, when I put in my real age (60), we didn't get chosen. Then I lied. Guess what?

We're going to a movie! 

Seriously, what does it matter? It seems like discrimination if an old fart isn't chosen. Yeah, maybe I don't have a lot of party friends, but I have a weblog with about five faithful readers (thank you, thank you, thank you, one and all! ), how many of those kids can say that? 

Anyway.....we're going to a movie! 


Hey, look it's Jon Snow! When does Game of Thrones start?  April? So far away!

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10:50 AM - 02/17/2014

The topic: I made my paper


And I think it's pretty close. One of the things I can do (and I did) was to change the depth of the color and saved that. When I printed out the paper, one side is bright, the other is light. 

Brian thinks my paper is better than the bought paper. Maybe. Mine isn't exactly like the DCWV paper, but it will work.

Took forever to get the stripe sizes down and I wasn't exactly right with the DCWV paper and the colors aren't exact. 

Plaids are hard. *lol*

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