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      Thursday, February 13, 2014

10:05 AM - 02/13/2014

The topic: Review: The Fifth Estate


I didn't follow WikiLeaks when it was happening. I'm one of those people who doesn't watch the news (much). I don't watch it because I'll get pissed off about something that I have absolutely no control over. You see a lot of that nowadays. On the internet anybody can say anything about anybody. And the whackadoodles (Teapublicans, Evangelical Christians) band together and fuel the hate. I don't have room in my life for that.

So, I don't watch the news and I avoid whackadoodles like the plague.

When I had the opportunity to watch this movie and review it, I had a vague idea what it was about. I kind of figured maybe it was one of those films where I'd be shouting at the screen (government and big business put me in that frame of mind). And shout, I did. But not just because of the gummint (stupid asses - when will they learn to keep their opinions to themselves and never, ever put something in any kind of writing - they deserve what they get) and greedy corporations (I love a good take down of huge financial institutions that rob the little guy while lining the old white men suits' pockets), but because of a great idea going too far and innocents may end up getting hurt. Because someone loves the power he has with this information. The "need to know". Like that person we all know who can't keep a secret to save his or her life, because it makes them feel better about themselves. That makes me shout, too.

When the movie was over, my first inclination was to run back to the office, boot up the old computer and do some research. This film intrigued me that much. I wanted to know more.

I laid down until the feeling passed.

Anyway, I found this movie very entertaining. 

Benedict Cumberbatch (who plays BBC's Sherlock Holmes, a series I recently started watching on Netflix) plays Julian Assange. A very gifted actor, his face says more than words alone. Julian is a hard man to read, having quite a history, from childhood on. The paranoia that was so contagious...

And watching Daniel Brühl, Julian's partner/employee Daniel Domcheit-Berg, is completely believable as he watches the real Julian unfold and we watch his unease turn to fear of what Julian can do.



It's a very good movie.

The special effects and music are amazing and on the Blu Ray bonus features, the director and the artists explain how and why they did what they did. I know Brian was confused about the office when Daniel sat at his computer across from Julian for the first time upon "meeting" his co-workers. Watching the bonus feature, I was happy to find out my take on the symbolism was right on. Well, I kind of missed the beach thing....

I recommend this movie.

But wait! I'm not done yet!
I've got more to say!

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