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      Monday, February 03, 2014

01:42 PM - 02/03/2014

The topic: okee dokee


Litterboxes are done. I had lunch. I rode my exercise bike for twenty minutes, watching House of Cards on Netflix.

Then I got to thinking about something Brian had told me that his brother mentioned to him on Saturday.

That he's getting unlimited text and calls on his AT&T account for sixty bucks a month. For two phones. No way.


We're on a rollover plan now and we pay an extra five bucks for the two hundred messages I get. Sixty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents a month. Plus taxes.

I go to the AT&T website and login, start a chat with a customer service rep. 

He wasn't lying. He's getting unlimted calls and texts for sixty bucks a month. As well as 300MB of data. We don't get any data. We have dumbphones.

So, I changed our plan. 

That will save us five bucks a month and I won't have to worry about overages on my texting. Which really isn't a problem anyway, the only time I went over was in October. 

But, yay! anyway.

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10:41 AM - 02/03/2014

The topic: And here I sit again


Staring at the monitor, refreshing my email (nothing new), checking Brian's email (nothing new) and heading back over to Facebook in case I missed anything important (I haven't).

While I need to clean litter boxes, put boxes together for 2012 business files and put 2012 files in those boxes, make labels for 2014 files, take a shower, make the bed (can't, don't want to disturb the kitties).

And yet, here I sit. And nothing is getting done.


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mrs. crankypants
09:06 AM - 02/03/2014

The topic: A few years ago


I started having problems with my toilet stopping up. I had to use the plumber's helper about once a week.

I wasn't "doing" anything different. I wasn't flushing anything down that wasn't meant to be flushed down.

I complained to Brian about it. His response? "What are you doing?" as if I was doing something differently now than I'd been doing the past fifty plus years of my life. Like all of a sudden I forgot how a toilet works. cussing

I gotta tell ya, I wanted to kick him in the shin.

Fast forward to the past six months or so. Guess who's having a problem with his toilet? The same problems I've been having. Do I ask him if he knows how to use a toilet? No. I don't.

I remind him that he asked ME if I knew how to use a toilet when I first started having problems. 

He's decided the problem is the toilets (well, duh). The finish isn't smooth anymore and he thinks that toilet paper and other solid waste is getting hung up on the way down and causing this problem.

He's decided the toilets need to be replaced.

Well, that sure takes a load off. 

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