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      Thursday, May 23, 2013

03:25 PM - 05/23/2013

The topic: Bedroom window


Is the only window that is left that needs to be washed, as well as the screens.

Got the floors finished yesterday, kitchen, laundry room and hallway waxed (which was a little exciting since I had two cats try to walk on the freshly waxed floor - Spot after I'd done the hallway, Pete as I was rewaxing the floor because of the Spot pawprints; Pete got it worse than Spot, he actually slipped, got wax on his side, ran into the office, behind the catcam chair and just started howling).

Today I washed the sofa and loveseat covers.

I wanted to craft, but I'm having a hard time moving.

Allergies are knocking me on my butt. If I don't take the benedryl, I'm sorely tempted to shove an ice pick into my right ear to relieve the pressure from blocked sinuses.

I really want to craft. I want to make some fun stuff for the petsitter's new baby and make the flowers I was going to make for Mother's Day, but I just can't seem to get moving.

Maybe tomorrow.

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03:21 PM - 05/23/2013

The topic: Holey Smoley….


Have you ever had a cat who, when you pulled your hand away from a petting session or walked away from a petting session, smacked at you?  It seems like most of the Little Guy kittens do that. (Little Guy was Katie and Mystie's littermate, who we were never able to trap, but we got her six kittens back in 2001.).

This afternoon, Sammy smacked out at my hand and got his claw stuck in the palm of my left hand. It was in there deep, he couldn't just pull it out and I couldn't pull away. I had to hold him still and extricate myself.

Guess who got his claws trimmed this afternoon?

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