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      Monday, March 11, 2013

11:20 AM - 03/11/2013

The topic: Not happy with my spice labels


This paper is "weatherproof", yet the ink smeared when I wiped one off with a damp paper towel. I think I'll see if the stuff Brian uses for the labels I make for his hydraulics will help. It's a clear spray for paper to help set the ink. I got that paper from the same place I got this paper, but it's for laser printers, not inkjet.

And the red from the paprika kind of stained the blue background on the label.

Yeah, I'm gonna try that clear stuff. Can't have my labels looking dirty.

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10:51 AM - 03/11/2013

The topic: Mario has a new trick!


I hope it stops being fun before too long.

This morning he was outside, then wanted back in. Nothing wrong with that. But he did it twice.

He would go to the garage, out the cat door, around to the sliding glass door and meow to get back in. I realized he was going out the cat door when none of the sliders were open. I asked Brian if he'd let him out and he told me he hadn't. So, Mario let himself out.

Why didn't he let himself back in? He stood at the door meowing.


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07:32 AM - 03/11/2013

The topic: Loved the dream


Loathe the time change.

So, the cats got out and for once, I wasn't panicked. Some women were walking the neighborhood selling this thing that had candles and feathers on it (it was a dream). One of them sat and talked with me, I told her we couldn't afford anything and besides, candles weren't practical with cats.

Then I started picking up the cats and putting them back inside the house. I was almost done when I noticed three fluffly kittens in the house. I yelled "hey, where did these kittens come from? Who put them in my house?" knowing they'd found a forever home.

Then I noticed the office that was attached to ours (It's a dream, dreams don't follow what's normal) had more kittens in it, I think I counted four.  And one looked just like a baby Benny and I started saying "a baby Benny!" and wondered if it would be sane to keep the name Benny for him (if they let me have him).

And then my friend Trish, who was working at her desk in front of the building (it was a nice day), began to tell the people in that office to please put the kittens away, that "she'll never get any work done" (meaning me) with those kittens in sight.

Then I woke up.

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