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      Thursday, March 07, 2013

07:22 PM - 03/07/2013

The topic: I’m worried about Kirby


He was normal this morning, this afternoon I sat on the sofa with him while he ate Friskies (he walks away, then comes back, eats, then walks away, then comes back, eats some more, repeat).

Then he headed over to the cat chair and curled up. He's been snoozing ever since. We had baked chicken for dinner, he's usually all over us wanting some, he cries and circles the table.

Nothing. I took a little chicken over to him and he turned his head. He wanted none of it. I gave him 60cc of lactated ringers, maybe he'll feel better tomorrow, but his back paws are cool to the touch.

Every day with him is special, I know that. He's been slowing down over the past few years, and  I know the time to say goodbye is near.

But not this week. I pray that it's not this week.

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09:18 AM - 03/07/2013

The topic: It’s supposed to rain today


When we started on our walk this morning, it was misting. By the time we got on the other side of the hill, it was starting to come down a little harder. Brian said let's go home. We did.

It stopped precipitating.

But it's cloudy and overcast, a perfect day to do some crafting.


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09:15 AM - 03/07/2013

The topic: Mario’s being a PITA this morning


He's really wanting attention. This is a first. Brian's going nuts, he's trying to do paperwork and Mario isn't having any of it.

I did pull out a feather toy, he played with that a while, then was back up on Brian's desk. Everytime Brian moves his hands, Mario thinks it's an invitation.

Brian's getting very annoyed.

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