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      Monday, February 25, 2013

05:04 PM - 02/25/2013

The topic: Gracie’s feeling better


This morning she ate a little bit of Friskies, then went back into her cubby hole. While she was in there, I took advantage of her not being where she normally is and washed and dried her blankets. This afternoon, she was back on her table.

And just a little bit ago, I heated up some A/D, added a small amount of water and she cleaned the bowl.  Gave her more, but her little tummy was full. She lapped a little, then turned away to go back to sleep.

I’m glad she’s feeling better. I’m really, really glad.

And I actually saw Autumn away from her hiding spot. She stays in the garage now, in a corner under the benchs. She used to hang out in the living room, I don’t know why she moved. When I realized she was there to stay, I brought in the short condo she always slept in when it was in the house. I think she liked that. I feed her kibble in the morning just making sure she’s still with us (feral hidey cats are like that).  Just now when I was bringing the A/D back inside to put in the fridge, I saw Autumn out. Probably getting something to eat.

She’s sure a pretty cat.

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09:48 AM - 02/25/2013

The topic: I’m sick


Nothing bad, just a cold. I don’t do colds well. Headache, runny, drippy nose, sore throat (which isn’t as bad as it had been).

Had breakfast, Brian suggested an Alka-Seltzer cold thing, the texture was odd, but it wasn’t too bad.  But now my tummy is in rebellion mode and my nose is still drippy and I still have a headache. It’s been an hour and a half.

I don’t like being sick, especially with colds. Because a cold isn’t a thing where you lay down until you get over it, with a cold you can still do stuff.  Just keep tissues close-by to help with the drippy nose.

And to top it all off, we’re supposed to have nice weather the next week. I hate feeling crappy when the weather is nice.


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08:07 AM - 02/25/2013

The topic: Gracie Anne isn’t feeling good


Gracie is Georgie’s sister. She’s always been a really sweet little thing. She went into hiding back when Richie and Opie were kittens (they were terrible about chasing the older guys).  For a while she lived under the loveseat in the family room, but eventually moved out the garage, on a blanket covered table next to the litterboxes.

I feed her up there and she’s got her own water bowl.

This morning, she wasn’t there. I searched for her and finally found her in the bottom part of a kitty condo.  She purred for me, I took her out, she can walk okay, but she went back into the condo and is now curled up and sleeping.

I’m hoping she’s just having an off day.  I’m thinking back to Annie who had kidney problems and thyroid problems and the last month of her life was spent with me dumping pills down her throat and giving her fluids. It wasn’t good for either of us.

So, I’ll keep an eye on her and if she isn’t better in a couple of days, we’ll make a trip to the vet to find out exactly what’s going on with her.

She’s such a nice little cat, so quiet, peaceful and friendly.

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