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      Saturday, February 23, 2013

07:07 PM - 02/23/2013

The topic: Fun with paper…


This is my workstation. When I play, I bring the tables in from the garage. I have a lamp with a clip that I keep in the office. All of my equipment and supplies are in the garage, which is fairly close by. I do need to find a different way of storing the paper. I have it in big plastic storage bins and they’re stacked and it’s hard on my back to unstack them. I’ll figure something out when the weather is warmer. It’s cold out there!


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This is a birthday card I made for my mother-in-law.  I had fun making it, I got the template over on the Silhouette Online store. You can buy download cards on eBay for less than $68.00 for four $25.00 cards. And throughout the year, they’ve got sales. At the end of last year, they had a 50% off sale. I stocked up. I do want to get the download cards on eBay, though, that will really bring down the cost of the files.  And they’ve got a free file each week. But don’t just put it in your cart and leave it there because at the end of that week, it won’t be free any longer. I found that out the hard way, darn it.


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The outside of the card is double sided paper. It’s from K & Company.  I’ve found better sales on it at Joann’s online. You can often find it for half price and Joann’s has a much bigger selection.


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This is a closer picture of the Happy Birthday sentiment. The cut file came with a little frosting. I used Ranger Stickles for the shiny, the best price I’ve been able to find for them is Stuff4Scrapbooking.com. They’ve got great prices and their customer service took care of a problem I had with my first order (what they had in stock wasn’t good so they didn’t ship it and gave me a choice of store credit or refund; the store credit was more than the refund and I fully intended to buy more stuff there, so I went with the credit).

Here’s the envelope. I found this file (there were three) here. Lori Whitlock has a lot of great stuff, my advice is to search for her files at Silhouette Online before getting them from her store if you want to save money. But there are some files not available at Silhouette. I’m hoping some day to get good enough at what I’m doing to apply for a commercial license for her stuff and sell it for big bucks. I have a dream.

I used a complimentary paper, not as heavy as the stock that I used for the card. I think it turned out nicely.


click for a larger pic

My mother-in-law liked it.

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07:05 PM - 02/23/2013

The topic: I’m so funny!


Brian’s watching a video about some sort of tractor implement. The guy talking has a very pronounced southern accent. As a matter of fact, most of these videos have spokespeople with southern accents.

I just told Brian that he’s going to have to work on his southern accent if he wants credibility on the interwebs.

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06:13 PM - 02/23/2013

The topic: So, Brian gets Mexican food


For dinner, I don’t really feel like cooking (plus I’m tired of cleaning the stove).

I got one of the specials, it comes in a styro box.  Three rolled tacos with guacamole, rice and beans.  I was eating the tacos and nibbled on the beans.  I don’t usually eat the rice, but Brian said they have different cooks now so I figured I’d give it a go.

Not too bad, I think. So, I pick up the last taco and am nomming on that when Mario jumps up and starts sniffing the food and helping himself to the rice. 

Nice cat. Thinks sharing is a good thing.

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04:45 PM - 02/23/2013

The topic: You know that stock we sold


Last year to pay off old company bills? 

Well, here’s a real exciting thing to do.  Find out when and how much you paid for the stock when you got it!

Argh!  I’ve narrowed down how much the Disney would have been worth by finding out when it split (our very first share was $120.00 back in the 80s) in 95. But the Qualcomm isn’t going to be so easy. From tax returns I narrowed down that we bought it in 2000 or 2001.  I’ve had it in my mind that we paid over a hundred bucks a share for it (we only got ten).  But the historical cost isn’t jibing with my memory.

Le sigh.

Well, I found where it was running that much in 2000. It had actually been much higher, but the number $137 sticks in my mind. That was the same time we bought 100 shares of eDig. And you know what?  We paid .19 for them back then (we bought more of them for .0366 last year).

We suck at being stockholders.

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