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      Thursday, March 26, 2009

08:56 AM - 03/26/2009

The topic: You’re probably gonna get tired of these updates….


but so what? tongue laugh


So, this morning, Spot wanted in.  It’s cool outside, the heater is on and I’d shut the doors.  I open the door.  “Come on, Spot, get in, I’m not keeping the door open”.  He comes in.  Skippy is right behind him.  Not sure if he’s gonna come in or not.  I shut the door, he stands there, looking at the door, looking so pitiful.

I open it.  “Come in!”  After doing this about ten times, he decides he wants to be with Spot and comes inside.  They eat a little, then go into the main part of the house. Then into the garage.  I follow.  “Hey, Spot, let me show you something…”

I pick him up and show him how the cat door works.  I pushed it open, held it that way with my hand, then put him in it and he walks outside.  I opened it for Skippy and he followed Spot.  Then Spot turns around and comes right back in, he’s got the cat door down after one try.  Skippy, on the other hand, stands outside nudging it with his nose. And cries.  “I want in, please let me in!” 


I guess he’s still traumatized by that trap being on the other side of the door.  He’ll get over it.


Nope, Skippy just knows he has you trained! lol
My cats will stand there looking out if we are anywhere near the door and wait for us to open it instead of just going out on their own.
BTW, I never get tired of updates.

Posted by Melanee @ Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 10:42:20 AM

Back many years ago I had a litttle kitty - Maggie.  And then along came a white cat we very originally called Whitey.  Whitey was a very sedate and laid back.  She was also a bit older than Maggie.  Maggie was a young cat at the time. 
We had a deck off the back of the house then with a cat door out to it.  Maggie would run through the house and barrell through the cat door and then come running back through into the house.
Well not long after Whitey arrived I was sitting in the room with the door & cat door to the deck and Whitey was with me.  Well Maggie came running through and barrelled through that cat door.
I have never in my life seen a cat as surprised as Whitey was.  She pulled herself up straighter and got wider eyes. It was the funniest thing - from a cat anyway.  I wished ever since that I had had a video of that incident.
Whitey never did much care for the cat door - probably afraid Maggie would run her over going in and out!  lol!!

Posted by Debi @ Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 12:52:53 PM

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