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      Thursday, June 26, 2014

08:43 AM - 06/26/2014

The topic: You can always tell


That we have a cat that's not doing well by the various foods in the refrigerator. Georgie has kidney problems, he's twenty years old and he's winding down. And I hate it. He's been getting twice weekly fluids for a while now, but I don't think that's helping him as much as it did. So, I'm stepping it up to daily. Half in the morning, half in the evening, just to make sure he stays hydrated. I know it won't stop the inevitable, but it might put it off a little longer. Thinking back to Mickey, how he crashed and badly, the vet didn't give us much hope but frequent administration of subQ fluids did wonders for him. It was the cancer growing in his mouth that ended his stay.

He's not eating a lot, which is why there is a bowl full of pureed Hill's kidney diet (to which I added water), a bowl of meat baby food, and a bowl of some new tasty kitty treat food. Anything to keep him eating. And he does eat. About three bites at a time, then he walks away, thinks about it and turns around and eats about three more bites. Repeat. Over and over. We can't just leave him with the food and walk away because in no time at all, one of the other guys will be up there finishing what Georgie didn't. I can't say as I blame them, the fare around here probably does get boring. 

Aw, the joys of an aging population.

This is one of the hard parts. But we do the best we can and when we can't do any longer, we do what has to be done. The hardest choice, but we take comfort knowing we did our best. 

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