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      Tuesday, March 08, 2016

09:02 AM - 03/08/2016

The topic: Wow, was that food poisoning?


Ish. Last Saturday we went to CostCo. We were in dire need of kibble and some other things. As well as something we really couldn't afford, but it's so pretty!  We don't spend much on house stuff anymore, so I guess it's okay. We really need something for the patio. Don't know how Brian is going to hook it to the electrical, we want to put it on the table on the patio (there's a hole in the middle for an umbrella).

I grabbed a small sample of queso. As much as I love Mexican food, I have heard the word queso, knew it was some sort of cheese, but didn't know if I'd ever actually tasted it. The sample wasn't as big as the tip of my little finger. It was pretty small. Tasted like nothing. The texture reminded me of ricotta cheese. No big deal.

We finished our shopping and left the building. We're about a half mile from CostCo when Brian said "damn it, I forgot my mom's stamps".  He said she really needed them (but he never put them on the list...lists are very important for a reason - in this house, going off of your memory isn't the best idea for shopping). I told him to turn around and go back and get them, he declined, saying he'd go Sunday. I came up with an option to go home, put what we'd bought away, go back to CostCo, get the stamps, go to dinner (it was too late to cook anything) and then home. We went to Janet's Cafe for dinner. I was so hungry my belly hurt.

At least, I thought it was hunger.

I had a Cobb salad. I had wanted to eat light, but there was nothing light about this salad. Lettuce, tomato, avocado, bacon crumbles, bleu cheese crumbles, a hard boiled egg, red onion, black olives, grilled chicken...it was yooge! I ate half and got a box for what was left. It would be a great Sunday lunch. Brian had the senior turkey dinner.

When we got in the car and started home, my pants started to feel really tight around my stomach. I unbuckled my belt. It got worse. I unbuttoned the top button and unzipped the pants. When we got home, I could hardly wait to get them off. I put on sweatpants. They cut into my mid-section. This was not good. Not good at all. Neither was the rest of the night.

Cramps. Vomiting. Diarrhea. More cramps. Sunday, I stayed on the sofa. I used my old tablet to look online for what would be good (and gentle) to eat. I had soda crackers and water, but I was kind of hungry. Bananas. Rice. Applesauce. Toast. We had rice (which I didn't feel up to making) and bread. And a toaster. Brian was more than happy to go to the grocery store and get applesauce and bananas. In the early evening, I felt good enough to make some chicken noodle soup. One can, half a can of added water and I ate half of it, Brian ate the rest. I wasn't running to the bathroom, but my guts were still pretty painful. It was hard to walk upright. Had a fairly good night's rest Sunday and yesterday morning I was feeling much better. I made breakfast (just toast and eggs) and ate lightly for the remainder of the day. Cream of chicken soup for dinner last night.

Today, I feel human again.

Brian thinks it was the queso. I'm not sure. I just don't want to go through that ever again.


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