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      Saturday, April 01, 2017

01:27 PM - 04/01/2017

The topic: Well, it looks to be a decent day


I picked out the paper for the cards I wanted to make a couple of days ago. Yesterday, I had planned on starting to cut it out, but Thursday night, the bed lost air.

On my side (it's one of those Nautilus Sleep Systems, the kind with air chambers and each side has control to change the firmness of the mattress; we've had it for a while and every once in a while the tubing slips off and air leaks out and the bed goes flat). There's a foam cover and zippers and it's a PITA to fix. Brian figures we really need new tubing. He requested surgical, so I got some over on Amazon. We don't need much. It should be here tomorrow, but he was able to get the old tubing to stay on.

But I couldn't sleep on it at all Thursday night, I was on that foam, which isn't really that thick and bottom out on the wood sheet that holds the mattress in place. I ended up on the sofa and a couple of the cats were on me all night and my legs/back would start to cramp up and the cats would have to move. Just a crappy night's sleep and I didn't get anything done yesterday. Besides the lack of sleep, it's allergy season and the pine pollen hits me pretty hard. I was doubly tired, couldn't get warm and spent the morning wrapped in a blanket. I started feeling human later in the day, but wasn't up to pulling the Cameos out.

One thing I was able to do was to score a lucky bag on Meh. They always have one on April first. I went back to the office about a quarter to nine, got the computer up and running and had my Fuku shortly after nine. Yay! More mystery crap!

When Brian re-aired the bed, he made my side firmer than I'm used to. I figured maybe my back wouldn't hurt so bad with a firmer bed, so I left it that way. I dunno if it worked or not, since I didn't want today to be wasted, I took a couple of Advil this morning.

After my shower, I started playing with the Cameo. One of the pieces I need is a sign and I thought I'd try using a Cameo's pen function to write the sentiment instead of a stamp. It took me a while to get it done. I used the third party pen holder and was sorely disappointed in the result. I tried a Sakura pen, but the ink was too thick for this application.

I checked online for some other ideas and saw this other pen holder. The official Silhouette pen holder.  I checked it out, decided maybe I should order one. With Amazon Prime it would be here on Monday, that would be okay. Imagine how happy I was to find I already bought it three years ago! I checked through my box of blades and there it was. It took a little finessing and three types of pens, but I finally got a result I was happy with. So happy, in fact, I bought two more of the pen holder kits so I can run them in all Cameos, should the need arise.

And now, I'm ready to start the entree. The rest of the day will be cutting.

Oh, and woot.com also had a mystery bag for April first. The Bag of Crap.  I scored one of those, too. Just what I need! Moar crap!

Brian's making tuna sandwiches right now. I'll be making lasagne for dinner.

DaNiece hasn't had a seizure in almost a week.

It's a beautiful sunny day and for the first time in months, I'm not in a weird mood.

I like that.


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