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      Wednesday, May 06, 2015

08:48 AM - 05/06/2015

The topic: Well, it looks like our lawn will be brown


Because of the horrible drought we're in, have been in for what seems like the last decade. 

I remember rainy winters and springs where the backyard was flooded, where the water in the pool came almost to the top. It's been years since I've seen that. We've been cutting back for some time now. It gets to the point that you ask yourself where do we cut back next? We haven't watered the front lawn in months, Brian covered it in pine needles earlier this year. We don't flush every time we use the toilet unless there's solid waste,  Brian goes all day without flushing, I flush every two or three times (because toilet paper). 

I do full loads of laundry and we have a high efficiency machine. The dishwasher runs with a full load. Unless I do something to get really sweaty and dirty, I don't take a shower every day. 

Sometime this month Brian will be planting a garden at the side of the house. So, we'll quit watering the lawn so we can water the garden. It will be nice to have fresh vegetables. And I'll be growing a bunch of catnip, both in the garden and down by the pool, where all of the grass was pulled up last week. And there will be Allysum down by the pool, it doesn't seem to need much water. Brian will be hand watering the avocado trees (which are bursting with fruit this year!).

I've been cringing for years now when the lawns get watered, but this morning, after watching a news segment on cutting back, he finally said "the law will be brown". I'll be okay with that as long as he doesn't put pine needles on the dirt in the backyard. I'd never be able to go barefoot again. I just told him I didn't want pine needles down and he just looks at me. "You'd rather have dirt" he said matter-of-factly. I replied "I'd rather not have to put shoes on everytime I walk outside."

One thing that's annoyed be about this whole thing is our water company. They say "cut back! cut back! cut back!" and everyone cuts back (has been for years now) and then the water company says "oh, noes! We have to raise your rates because our overhead is still the same and since we're selling less volume of water and making less money, we need to compensate and we're going to stick it to you!" As we used to say "F*** you very much for your consideration".

And then there's the great Metropolitan Water District, based in Los Angeles. They owe San Diego millions in overcharges. I wonder if we'll ever see any of that as rebates on our bills? 

We'll survive. Things have sure changed since I got married.

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