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      Wednesday, May 07, 2014

11:36 AM - 05/07/2014

The topic: Updates on Pancho and Opie


The update on Opie is he's put on his cloaking device and gone invisible. Well, not really invisible and I sincerely doubt he has a cloaking device and even if he did, he doesn't have opposable thumbs so I don't think he could turn it off and on. I saw him this morning at four when I opened the doors so the cats could go out, he was on the sofa. Brian saw him on the bed when he got up, but Opie took off as soon as he realized he'd been spotted.

Mid-morning, I was able to flush him from one of his hiding spots and he proceeded to give me hell, telling me what he thought of me in no uncertain terms. He did his best to hurt my feelings. Sometimes it's a blessing to not understand cat speak. In the distance that he kept from me I was able to see that, although he was drooling profusely on his left side, it appeared to be clear drool and not blood tinged. I tried explaining to him that I have some stuff that will make him feel better for a while (buprenex) and that I had some other stuff he really needs to take (clindamycin) so that he doesn't get sicker, but he pretty much told me to eff off and then he left in a huff.  yunny

Then Pancho was very vocal all the way to the vet's office. The vet looked in his mouth (the clinic has two vets and this wasn't my regular vet, but I trust this woman with my cats; if she wasn't any good, she wouldn't still be there). She said it looked like the injury was a couple of days old and at this point, it would be best to just give him antibiotics and let it heal naturally. She said the mouth is a very vascular area and it heals quickly. To try to stitch the tongue at this point may worsen the situation by cutting off blood supply. If it had been done at the time of injury, it would have been more of an option.

So, Pancho got back in the carrier, I got the meds and paid the bill, made an appointment for his recheck next week, and we came home. Pancho quickly ran (ran?no, flew...he flew; his paws did NOT touch the ground) out of the carrier when I opened the door and I've not seen him since. Walking around the house with his antibiotic in hand, calling him over and over, was an exercise in futility.

Here I am. Two cats who need medicine. I cannot find either one of them.

I'm so glad I took a Xanax this morning.

Oh, well…I’m glad that at least YOU got the medicine YOU needed! smile

Posted by Mary @ Wednesday, May 07, 2014 - 6:17:11 PM

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