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      Thursday, May 08, 2014

10:02 AM - 05/08/2014

The topic: Today’s Rocky update


He's slowly getting used to the hours here. The past couple of nights he's come in by himself. I have started putting a container of cat litter in front of the baby gate because he can't move it. When a big trashcan is in front of it, unless it's loaded, he has no problem getting out. 

And when I open the sliding door in the living room at four, Rocky is quite ready for me to move the litter and gate and open the cat door so he can head on out. When I get up at six or six-thirty, he's back up in his basket. I think he's realized that he won't be inside forever, that he will get the opportunity again.

Brian told me that this morning when he was dishing up food for George and Miss Elizabeth, that Rocky wanted some petting.  Brian complied. He told me that Rocky rolled over on his back, but Brian was reluctant about rubbing the belly. Brian stopped petting Rocky and took the can of food over the the dishing up area and Rocky jumped down and followed him. He rubbed Brian's legs as he was working! This is a first. Brian picked him up and gave him some more smurgles, then set him down on a table in the garage and Rocky just sat there and watched him.

Yay! Considering he's not even been here for four weeks, he's making great progress.


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