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      Wednesday, January 06, 2016

06:58 AM - 01/06/2016

The topic: The weather


Rain. Rain, rain, rain and more rain. Water over the sidewalk in front, ankle deep. Water going into the garage from the entryway. Water under the garage door, under my storage cabinets and in front of the litterboxes. Water. Rain. We need it. We need it badly.

For the whole of last year, according to my weather station, we had 6.85 inches of rain. For the year. Twelve months. Six point eight five inches of rain. So far this month (7:03am 1/6/2016) we've had 1.93 inches. We had 1.69 inches yesterday alone. The next storm, coming in this afternoon, is supposed to be stronger than the one yesterday. El Nino is finally here. After today's storm, there are two more this week. Then it starts over again next week.

Rain! Rain! Wonderful, wonderful rain!

Of course, this doesn't really do much for the incredible drought we've been having. We would need years of this type of rain to refill the reservoirs. The water table is low. The earth is parched, deeply parched.

There is a lake here, Lake Cuyamaca. It's up in the Laguna mountains. There is a Shriner's camp up there and when we moved to San Diego back in 1971 and became established, my father joined the local Shriners club, my parents rented a cabin there. They'd visit year round. I'd drive up in my little black '66 Mustang convertible. Lake Cuyamaca was out to the road. It covered a lot of area. When Brian and I used to go for drives, it amazed me at how much the lake had shrunk. I've got photos on my hard drive somewhere, but it was just something that I never thought about until I saw it. I remember being snowed in at the cabin on one occasion, the snow higher than the cars in the driveway. The last few winters, inches of snow were reason for celebration. This week, they're talking about two feet in the local mountains. Snow is good.

Brian is outside right now, cleaning out the pool and running one of the streambeds. This will help lower the water level, since the streambeds leak. Yesterday, the level was pretty close to the top. The weather forecast we watched last night mentioned that El Cajon could get up to six inches more rain this week. Yeah, the pool won't hold that much more. And the problem with the water into the garage is that the drain from the driveway to the backyard is cracked or broken or something like that, whatever it is, it doesn't adequately drain the water. Brian will be working on that this morning, hopefully getting it taken care of before the next storm hits.

Rain. I'm loving it. The trees are loving it. The grass is loving it. The gophers probably aren't. Too bad.




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