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      Saturday, November 01, 2014

02:45 PM - 11/01/2014

The topic: The toilets backed up this morning


When we got our new washer and dryer earlier this year, we had a problem with the plumbing in the house. The plumbing from the kitchen and laundry room. The bathrooms still ran to the sewer, no plugs there. Brian attached hoses to the drain at the back of the house and the grey water was used on our lawn. It was the most cost effective thing to do at the time.

Well, today, the toilets backed up. Brian tried to rout out the pipes, but the plug was too bad. He had to call in the cavalry.


Turns out there was a huge plug towards the street, tree roots. Of course. And the guy ran his camera up there and Brian said the people who installed the pipes a thousand years ago put them in backwards. So stuff that flows through catches where they're attached to one another instead of flowing over. And the house pipes were so bad, the guy advised using their high pressure water system to clean that out. As it was the "grey" water that poured out when he cleaned it was a nasty black thick fluid. It doubled the cost of the trip, but it should be good for another twenty-eight years.

It's nice to not have that smell any longer. That stagnant water smell. It got pretty gross.


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