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      Monday, August 07, 2017

12:28 PM - 08/07/2017

The topic: The garden


The corn didn't do well. It was the first to end up out of the ground and in the trash. We think it didn't get enough sun. The ears were dried out and didn't completely fill the husk. And there were bugs.

I moved the pepper plants so that they'd get more sun. The tomato plants had overpowered them. I put them between the catnip and the corn. There had been plenty of room, but the catnip started to fall over from the heavy flowers and overpowered the pepper plants. Yesterday, I cut back a lot of the catnip and it's in the process of drying. I'll have some for sale later on this year.

The gardeners were here last Friday and did a ton of cleanup. You'd never know there had been corn. Unfortunately, when Brian was showing them what needed to be done, he stomped on my little pepper plants. I yelled at him and he was decently chagrined. He won't do that again.

The tomato plants are huge. Brian said he's never seen them that big. The cherry tomatoes are plentiful, I picked some late last week and Saturday, he had them in a salad. He said they were great. Sunday, I picked another container of them and his brother had brought Little Red back home (tractor). I walked over to see how they were doing and Mark ended up with the tomatoes I'd picked. No worries, there are a bunch more where those came from.

I'm not seeing many beefsteak, there are quite a few Indigos, though. They have a ways to go before ripening. I did find one on the verge of perfect beefsteak tomato and picked it. We had BLTs for dinner last night, and boy, howdy, was that tomato good.

Because of the size of the tomato plants, next year they'll be all pulled up and I'll plant the same kind, but not together. There will also be catnip again, as well as peppers . I'm thinking I'd like to plant watermelon and cantaloupe, both fruits I will eat.  The corn will be planted elsewhere, not at the side of the house and it will have more room to grow.

There's farmin' in my blood. Yeehaw.


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