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      Friday, May 15, 2015

04:43 PM - 05/15/2015

The topic: The end of an era


Because it was raining today, we decided to go to Disneyland for a little while. We left the house at seven, stopped at a Denny's on the way up, had the value slam for four bucks each (after our AARP discount the total was $7.34), got up to Anaheim, paid $17.00 for parking and took the tram to Disneyland. We rode Pirates, walked around some, quite a few rides were down, we got water at a stand on the way out of the park, then went over to DCA and just sat down. We were home by two this afternoon.

It wasn't really crowded, but I thought it would do Brian good to get away from the house. This morning, I was light-headed, I don't know from what, but it was a concern. I was better after breakfast and that feeling hasn't returned. So, when Brian told me this morning he just laid in bed thinking that he'd rather not go and I was having those same thoughts, well...

We're pretty sure we won't be renewing our passes come October. It's just to hard on us to do the drive, walk around, then come home. We're just beat. 

And now that his company is going full tilt, it's pretty hard to take the time off and not feel guilty. If he's going to take time off, I'm sure he'd rather go to Ranchita and do some work out there. He loves it up there. 

And it will save us a fair amount of money, not going to Disneyland. Today was probably the cheapest day ever. The parking was the most expensive part (well, not counting the gas to get there). 

Yeah, we could pick a different day of the week (our passes are blocked out on Saturdays) and spend the night in a hotel,  but that costs money and right now, the cats are aging out, we've got two on thyroid meds, one with cancer, another with bad kidneys. And they're a constant concern when we're not home.

I'm sad, but I'm not. And if we don't have the passes, I won't feel guilty about not going. It was different in the grasshopper days, the money didn't matter. But it does now. And we're not enjoying it like we once did. It's time.


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