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      Sunday, May 31, 2015

06:46 AM - 05/31/2015

The topic: Sometimes I can figure out where the stuff comes from


Other times I'm just lost. I'm talking about dreams. This one was a mix.

We woke up to a small earthquake this morning, it wasn't much, but I was thinking about the quake and didn't remember very many details of the dream.

But I think the main problem my inner self (hahaha) was dealing with was my lack of organization and getting things done. In the dream, I even considered asking my doctor if there was something wrong with me that could be taken care of with medication. Something that would help me do all of the things I really need to do, like clean out closets and drawers (I have blouses in the closet from twenty-five years ago; I keep telling myself I'll never fit in them again, but my little voice of reason (hahaha) says "but they're so CUTE, maybe you WILL fit in them again someday" and they just keep hanging there - in all honesty the drawers and closets (all closets, even in the office where I have boxes of old USB and peripheral cables) are the worst of it, reminds me of when my mom died and I went through her stuff).

So, in the dream, one of my friends was collecting stuff for a sale to help out an organization close to her heart (I believe this is because Allyson posted about her church having a summer camp for kids and they were asking for help with supplies and bicycles - someone broke into their storage shed and ripped off a lot of what they already had and they're trying to rebuild). In the dream I had three other friends who were donating and helping (I don't remember who, it was a dream) and I felt really guilty because I wasn't helping out, although I had every intention of it. Which is why I wanted to speak to my doctor. 

Anyway, it was morning and we were out of bed and I was walking across the bedroom (which wasn't our bedroom, but it was a backwards L shaped room, our bed at the top of the L and as I found out, the bottom part of the L was a little alcove with a bed in it. And above the bed was a window. The whole setup was reminiscent of the rooms at the Anabella Hotel in Anaheim. On the window above the bed was an LED clock with red numbers. And in the bed were our friends Liz and Eric. I remember trying to process this information as Brian and I walked down the hallway and I asked him in a very low voice "do they live here now?" and he responded in an equally low voice "I think so..." and I remember being a little hurt that Liz wasn't helping me with my organizational issues if she was living in my house. I mean, it's the least she could do, right?

And then I woke up just before the little earth moving thing.

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